Apple Unveils New iPad Pros With Edge-to-Edge Display, Face ID, USB-C More

Posted on October 30, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, iOS with 88 Comments

Apple just took the wraps off its new iPad Pro devices. The company has been rumoured to be planning a major upgrade for the iPad Pro for later this year, and the new devices are being revealed today at the company’s hardware event in New York City.

The company is updating both the 10.5-inch model — now 11-inch — and the 12.9-inch model — now much smaller than the original 12.9-inch iPad Pro. It’s 15% thinner than before, coming in at 25% less volume than the previous generation.

The new devices come with a brand new design for the iPad, introducing the iPhone X’s much-loved edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display like the iPhone Xr. This means the new iPads do not include a home button, removing Touch ID and replacing it with Face ID, which works in any direction you are using the device in — also introduced first on the iPhone X. The revamped design of the device means the screen-to-body ratio is much bigger than before, and all the technicalities aside, these things look gorgeous.

And here’s the biggest surprise: it includes a USB Type-C port. You can connect to external 5K displays through the port, and you can even charge your iPhone with your iPad Pro when you are on the go. It doesn’t have a headphone jack, though.

Apple is also introducing other major upgrades with the new iPad Pro devices. The first of those upgrades is the new 7nm A12X Bionic processor powering the device, which brings major improvements in performance. It comes with a 35% faster single core CPU, 90% multicore CPU, and 2x faster graphics performance than before. It apparently offers an Xbox One S-class graphics performance — yep, Apple compared it with the Xbox One S right on the stage.

The device offers up to all-day battery life, at least according to Apple.

And then there is the new Apple Pencil — the company has completely rebuild the new Apple Pencil for the new iPad Pros. It now connects magnetically to the iPad Pro, much like the Surface Pen It looks fairly clumsy if I am being honest. It also seems to have flat sides, and charges wirelessly. You can even do some cool things with gestures, like switching between notes by double tapping the pencil itself. The Smart Keyboard Folio is being redesigned too, with two kickstand positions.

The new 11-inch iPad Pro starts at $799, while the 12.9-inch starts at $999. Pre-orders start today, ships November 7.

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Comments (88)

88 responses to “Apple Unveils New iPad Pros With Edge-to-Edge Display, Face ID, USB-C More”

  1. Bob Shutts

    I couldn't believe NBA 2018 running on this thing.

    • jaredthegeek

      In reply to Bob_Shutts:

      It has all the graphics power of a $200 year old gaming console! Amazing! /s

      • Stooks

        In reply to jaredthegeek:

        Xbox One S is at least 3 years old now and is basically a Xbox One, which is 5 years old now.

      • nbplopes

        In reply to jaredthegeek:

        Which is way more than any Surface laptop with an integrated graphics card.

        • Jeremy Turnley

          In reply to nbplopes:

          Surface laptops aren't gaming machines (or marketed as such), so that's expected. The real test will be comparing one of these with a comparably priced entry level gaming laptop with a discrete GTX 1050 (they also start at around $1000). I look forward to seeing how they match up. The 1TB iPad Pro is actually competing with higher end models with GTX 1060s in them that run at full desktop PC speeds, so that will also be interesting.

          • Stooks

            In reply to illrigger:

            My son just bought a Dell G7 15.6inch gaming laptop on sale at BB for $999. i7-8750H 6 core. 1060 GTX 6gig, 16gig of DDR4, 128gig SSD/1TB HDD. It has USB-C, USB-3.1, GIGE, and HDMI 2.0.

            It will crush this new iPad in games and everything else, 8 days a week. It is however 5.8lbs so while still very portable it is not a tablet.

            The Basket Ball game did look really nice but there are no AAA games on iOS that I can point too. Witcher 3, BF1/V, AC Origins or FC5???? How about Paul's favorite teenage boy game...COD?? There are weak clones of some of those games but they do not look or perform as well as the games on a PC, XBX, or PS4 Pro. The gaming is experience on the iPad Pro would be a step down in many ways in comparison.

            • Jeremy Turnley

              In reply to Stooks:

              Yep, exactly. Bragging you have console level graphics (even a console from a few years ago that can only do [email protected] on most new games) doesn't mean anything without having console class games to use it. I love the games I have on my iPad, but the games it does well (rail games, arcade racers, and board game conversions) don't really need that kind of power. Plus, with the resolution of the screen the iPad Pro has and the amount of RAM it has, even the power they are bragging about is going to end up with games that are rendered at a low res and scaled up.

            • Pbike908

              In reply to Stooks:

              That's a lot of hardware for the $$$. Be careful using it on your lap though...I understand that these gaming laptop run hot enough to roast a wienie when they are running full bore...

            • Bob Shutts

              In reply to Stooks:Your remarks are accurate. However your Dell and the iPad are aimed at different markets.

    • sonichedgehog360

      In reply to Bob_Shutts:

      They have had the NBA 2K series on iPad for ages. Nothing groundbreaking here. 2K18 is still the half-baked mobile version with downgraded graphics to accommodate the iPad's limited storage. If it were the true Xbox One version, it would be over 40 GB, 45.32 GB to be exact. Plus, they said it is like the Xbox One, but I am quite skeptical of it being on par with it in every sense.

  2. glenn8878

    "now much smaller than the original"  Does the smaller bezel make the 12.9" smaller?

  3. RobertJasiek

    No working general file management and the camera bump kill all my interest.

    • Jeffsters

      In reply to RobertJasiek:

      What’s wrong with Files and auto sync between all your Apple devices?

      • RobertJasiek

        In reply to Jeffsters:

        I have an iPad Mini 4 with iOS 12 and a Windows PC and want a) local file management on the iPad itself and b) local file transfer between iPad and PC.

        • Files does not show On My iPad. To show On My iPad, some bugs of Files must be circumvented and then side effects occur. The following supposes to have circumvented the bugs and be showing On My iPad.
        • Files does not show any files for 7 of the 8 apps that I use and that write/read some files. 3 of the 7 are Apple's own preinstalled apps. 4 of the 7 are other apps.
        • For the 1 app for that Files shows some files at all, Files does not show those files I have imported via that other app using iTunes' system sevices. To show those files in Files, I need to move them to a non-iTunes folder in the other app. To export files from a non-iTunes folder in the other app, first I need to move them to an iTunes folder in the other app. So importing / exporting files with the other app just works (for a few file formats only) within the other app but if I also want to see those files in Files, I need the superfluous, extra work of moving the files to / from a non-iTunes folder. Therefore, even for those files of the 1 other app I might see in Files, the only purpose of Files is to create superfluous extra work each time I import or export files.
        • Local import or export of files does not work with Files itself. Therefore, all import, export and use of Files depends on other apps that can locally transfer files at all. Each of those other apps only handles a few file formats. Therefore, I cannot transfer any files of other file formats at all and in particular not by Files.
        • Use of Files is inconvenient and inefficient for handling hundreds of thousands of files per file format. Not that I could have tested this. It is already inconvenient and inefficient for more than a few files. Touch without mouse is part of the problem.
        • I do not want auto sync but I always need manual control of my files.
        • Even if I only had Apple PCs, would local file transfer work with Files? I only see Files designed for a few selected cloud services, and cloud is not local file transfer.
        • Why are you asking for all my Apple devices? Because I would be supposed not to use any devices of other manufacturers ever?
        • Earlier versions of Files had several additional bugs.
      • sonichedgehog360

        In reply to Jeffsters:

        Not every device a person owns is an Apple device.

        • Jeffsters

          In reply to sonichedgehog360:

          So you add additional requirements when called out? How about OneDrive, Dropbox, or Box? Again...why do you care? You don’t see me posting negative misinformation or commenting on Surface articles...cause I don’t care.

      • Jeremy Turnley

        In reply to Jeffsters:

        Well, there's the fact that you sync those files through iCloud, and the free amount that Apple gives you gets filled up with backups about a month after you get your first iPad, making it stop working unless you pay a monthly fee or spend a bunch of time making sure it doesn't fill up by constantly manually removing things.

        Sorry, that one is a real pet peeve of mine, just like how you need to have a PSN sub to back up your saves on the PS4. There are some things that we should expect to just work as a basic function, and not require a fee.

  4. bschauhan

    Really nice post i like apple devices and i always read more information about apple.

  5. red.radar

    Now I see why wireless charging is on the iPhone. Apple is doing a very controlled sunset of lightning to usb-c. If they can move or give customers the option of another charge interface then it makes the transition to usb c easier. You can adopt Qi charging now so your not broadsided by cable hell later

    I suppose usbc is for high or high bandwidth applications...

    iphone is next ...

    • IanYates82

      In reply to red.radar:

      I still laugh at how many clock radios were sold with the old 30 pin connector. Then they were being sold with the lightning connector. How many people will be twice bitten, thrice shy? So many hotels I stay in still have these radios in them.

      At least it'll be a universal standard finally...

    • jprestig

      In reply to red.radar:

      I don't know if they can keep iPhones as thin as they are with USB-C. And Apple loves to keep their phones as thin as possible.

  6. UbelhorJ

    How do you control a touch only device from an external display? Or is it just for mirroring only?

  7. Oasis

    According to an Article on Neowin this new pencil only works on the new iPads and isn't compatible with the older ones.

  8. nfeed2000t

    Stunning hardware but the iPad Pro still isn't a good productivity machine. Copying and pasting with you finger sucks. The equivalent of right clicking with your finger sucks. The multi-tasking sucks on iOS especially using a finger. File management still sucks. Apple refuses to add mouse support. Mice may seem old school but I find them essential to efficiently edit text, edit images, shape windows, and choose files.

    I love iPads but I'm always disappointed when I try to get work done using the iPad.

  9. Stokkolm

    So much for those iPad Mini rumors then huh?

  10. sonichedgehog360

    Apple aftermath: Surface clone with many chinks in its armor with an overly inflated Apple tax.

    Despite the media buzz, performance is still behind the mobile high-end x86 curve.

    Apple has mastered the art of giving the illusion of high performance in the split second synthetic tests that can be easily fooled by their boost clock trickery. For this very reason, in fact, iPhones are well known to unexpectedly shut off as the batteries age because their processors' peak power usage, caused by these aggressive boost clocks, is significantly higher than many mobile devices including tablets. Once outside of a few cherry-picked benchmarks, however, the iPad Pro will likely continue to fall far short of a Ryzen Mobile and mobile Core i5 system in sustained performance benchmarks including 3DMark's Physics test and TabletMark.

    The peripherals lack courage.

    The Apple Pencil is a device with so much potential that fell flat. The price is higher and the older Pencil is incompatible. There still is no eraser or buttons. Instead, a tap-activated motion sensor is used which could possibly be misengaged by swift motion. Meanwhile, the iPad keyboard continues to use fabric covered keys which lack the distinct snappy feel that a good mechanical keyboard has. Also, that keyboard offers a whopping two angles for iPad Pro whereas its principal competitor, the Surface Pro, has offered infinitely many angles or positions with its patented built-in kickstand for over three years.

    There are more reasons as well such as FaceID being years behind Windows Hello or the glaring omission of the headphone jack meaning no music when charging. Overall, the iPad Pro price has risen significantly while bringing little in the way of innovation and more headaches than hardware quantum leaps. If anything, the Surface Pro 6--which brought double the performance and double the RAM over the previous generation at $100 less--has become the standout offering.

    • jfingas

      In reply to sonichedgehog360:

      It's interesting that you seem to know how well the A12X will perform without anyone having independently run benchmarks. Or, for that matter, you apparently know exactly how well the new Pencil will behave in regular use when no one has tried it outside of Apple and the press. Are you a time traveler? Because if you're not, you don't have any real evidence.

      Also, how is Face ID "years behind" Windows Hello? Both use infrared depth detection, and Face ID is smart enough to recognize subtle changes in your face over time.

      This strikes me more as insecurity on your part than anything. You need the Surface Pro 6 to be better at everything, because if it's not (and it isn't) you'd have to admit that there are some areas where the iPad Pro might be the better choice. Technology isn't a zero-sum game where another device has to be trash so that you can be happy with what you bought.

    • Scsekaran

      In reply to sonichedgehog360:

      Brilliant overview of new 'iPad pro' in a nutshell.

    • Jeffsters

      In reply to sonichedgehog360:

      once again...why do you care?

  11. Jeremy Turnley

    XBox One S class graphics aren't really that impressive for that price point. Games on the One S usually run at [email protected] and at pretty low fidelity by 2018 game standards. That's understandable, since it's really just an overclocked version of the APU from the original 2013 XBox One, which was a failure from the start. Much like the PS3 from last gen, people are typically buying the One S at this point because it's cheap and there are some exclusives that they couldn't play on their PS4.

    Fitting one into that form factor is impressive, and I applaud the engineering needed to do it, but making a comparison to the game console nobody wanted because it was clearly underpowered for current games wouldn't be the way I would go if I were on Apple's marketing team.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      In reply to illrigger:

      Gotta love being downvoted repeatedly for pointing out actual facts as described in the actual Apple keynote because people don't want to admit that they are being overenthusiastic about a product they know in their hearts will never match the hype that an Apple event promises. Ah well, what are ya gonna do.

  12. Pbike908

    Not sure I am in the market for one of these, but It's an impressive upgrade for tablets. The new keyboard has some clever enhancements -- attaches via magnet is clever, as is the two viewing angles including lapable.

    Clever magnetic attachment with charging for the pencil as well.

    I had one of the original Ipad mini's -- and I liked it at the time. I haven't used it in awhile. I now use Android, but I like what Apple has done with the XR.

  13. jwpear

    Add mouse support and this thing gets interesting.

  14. Stooks

    In reply to officialritesh:

    This is a link to a malware infested site. I would ban this and two other obvious spam accounts.

  15. jgraebner

    Why are they calling it an "edge-to-edge display" when they clearly have bezels?

  16. simont

    Sadly no new iPad Mini.

    • dstrauss

      In reply to simont:

      In all fairness, Kuo's supply chain comment originally spotlighted Spring 2019 for the iPad Mini 5, and rumor junkies (like myself) tried to "wish" this into today's announcement. I should have known there was no way Apple was going to pollute the pureblood iPad Pro with the likes of the muggle iPad Mini 5 - hopefully it will launch before year end, but probably not until Spring as Kuo originally "guessed"

  17. provision l-3

    So I thought the rumors that Apple would replace thunderbolt with USB-C were bunk but apparently I stand corrected. Overall this looks like a solid update. If performance lives up to the demos it is an endorsement for Apple moving chip (CPU/GPU) development in house because I don't think anyone can come close in the tablet world.

  18. jaredthegeek

    That's some pretty impressive computing power. The pencil is also offering a better experience than Microsoft on the surface thanks to jitter issues that MS has yet to resolve. Once the updated version of Photoshop is available this thing is going to be unstoppable. Wacom tablets' days are numbered. MS has to step up their game.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      In reply to jaredthegeek:

      It will be OK for hobbyists, but processing power is really the smallest piece of the Photoshop toolbox. The iPad Pro doesn't have enough RAM or fast enough storage to do serious work in Photoshop. It will be able to do a lot on small images, but professional level work that would need hundreds of gigs of scratch disk and large amounts of ram will choke on it. It will be like trying to do real work on an entry level MacBook Air.

    • FalseAgent

      In reply to jaredthegeek:

      The Surface Pen is N-trig. Wacom emr doesn't have jitter issues AFAIK.

      • jaredthegeek

        In reply to FalseAgent:

        I did not say the Surface was Wacom, I just mentioned that Wacom is in trouble because of the iPad Pro with real Photoshop coming to it. With that computing power who would buy a Wacom tablet for that work anymore? I probably could have written it in a more clear way.

        You are correct that Wacom does not suffer from jitter.

        I also don't know why any artist or creative would get a Surface with the jitter at this point.

  19. FalseAgent

    The addition of USB-C surprised me, but that alone definitely helps it be taken a bit more seriously as a "computer" or "computing device" or whatever. I still think something like the Surface is the better computer, but it's good that Apple is upping the competition :) I hope Microsoft looks into wireless charging for the Surface Pen as well.

    BUT I cannot hold myself back any longer. The pricing of these things are batshit insane. It's a huge turn-off. They even upped the pricing on the Apple Pencil and the keyboard.

    • red.radar

      In reply to FalseAgent:

      Hedge against future tarrifs?

      even at 799 considering everything the IPAD can now do. I consider paying it. Sure a couple of years ago it was nothing more than a big phone. But now.... Ipads can do more than just consume content. Apple has worked hard to say you can create content and be productive. It would seem the message is starting to gain traction. Adobe is porting Photoshop to the Ipad after all.... Office 365 runs on the Ipad...The apps are coming.

      When you consider that you can consume content and now be productive... 799 is not an unreasonable value.

      also lets factor in inflation. The value of the 2010 dollar is not the same as the 2018. At least apple is trying to give you more value for the money your spending..... better than just a slap in the face price increase...

      Also...dont forget if you don't need the productivity ... buy the Ipad 6th gen. They are on sale for 250 bucks at Costco.

      I like the spread in the portfolio that apple is providing. If you don't like the 799 price point... dont rage... just get the cheaper model. That is what I did and it is still a fantastic device.

    • lvthunder

      In reply to FalseAgent:

      I've used my Surface Pen for over a year and have never replaced the battery.

    • provision l-3

      In reply to FalseAgent:

      So, with the phones, iPad, Mac Mini and MacBook Air Apple has raised their prices over what they had perviously been for an extended period of time. I'm wondering if this is in part to hedge against inflation which has seen a sizable jump in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

  20. ErichK

    Man these devices keep getting thinner and thinner. Pretty soon they'll cease to exist in three dimensions.

  21. mclark2112

    Interesting, but way expensive! I have the 10.5 Pro, and I can see a couple reasons why I'd want to upgrade, but the pricing is just too out there. Oh, and Apple has Surface Envy.

    • skborders

      In reply to mclark2112:

      Interesting part is, you can by a surface for only 100 more than the new 11 inch iPad Pro, but you get a 12 inch screen.

      • Jason Peter

        In reply to skborders: Interesting part is, you can by a surface for only 100 more than the new 11 inch iPad Pro, but you get a 12 inch screen.

        Interesting part is, there are actual usable apps for the iPad Pro, rather than a virtually empty Windows Store app, Win32 apps that don’t scale properly, and updates that delete your personal files...

        • skborders

          In reply to Jason_P:

          Yes here are apps available for iPad that are not available for Windows, but that goes both ways. Windows has Pen, touch and mouse support, the Ipad does not. In my case, the apps I need are on both it is just a matter of which to buy. Some need the power of a full computer, others do not. I just find the Ipad pro overpriced for what it is.

  22. Orin

    Why would one connect an iPad Pro to an external display via USB-C without a mouse cursor? Honest question.

    • provision l-3

      In reply to Orin:
      1. For a presentation.
      2. Video editing.
      3. Photo editing.
      4. Watch content on a larger screen.

      Those are the things I can think of off the top of my head where the touch interface would still be drive on the iPad but an external display would still be useful in certain instances. Of course, none of those are any different than why you would have connected a displaying using Lightning or AirPlay. Though I imagine USB-C is smoother.

    • Bob Shutts

      In reply to Orin: I think you just use the pencil.

  23. disco_larry

    In reply to meritanhai:

    getting ready to spam now that you have your few posts to make you seem legit?

  24. dontbe evil

    surface say welcome to 2010...and don't forget to buy the new pencil, because the old one will not work of course... LOL