Apple Expected to Launch New iPad Mini in the First Half of 2019

Posted on February 12, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, iOS with 13 Comments

Apple is reportedly working on a new upgrade for the iPad Mini line. The company launched a major iPad Pro revamp just last year, and it’s looking to launch a new iPad Mini for those with a smaller budget.

Apple’s new iPad Mini, the new iPad Mini 5, will reportedly feature a similar design to the iPad Mini 4, according to Japanese blog Mac Otakara (via MacRumours). The blog reports that Apple is keeping the design of the new iPad Mini unchanged for this year, only moving the 3.5mm headphone jack to the top-center of the device to match the design on the recent iPad devices.

Design wise, the rest of the iPad Mini is expected to remain the same, including the same 7.9-inch display. What’s more, Apple will likely stick to Touch ID instead of introducing Face ID like on the new iPad Pro. And lastly, it will also stick to the Lightning connector on the new iPad Mini 5 instead of switching to a Type-C connector as it did with the iPad Pro 2018.

All this considered, the iPad Mini 5 seems like it will be more about under the hood improvements.

The new device is expected to launch in the first half of 2019, according to DigiTimes. It’s possible Apple will launch the new device along with its much-awaited AirPower wireless charger and the next-gen AirPods.

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Comments (13)

13 responses to “Apple Expected to Launch New iPad Mini in the First Half of 2019”

  1. Orin

    Thanks for the information. Any word on Apple Pencil support on the new iPad Mini?

  2. Chris_Kez

    Apple Pencil support is the big question.

    • digiguy

      In reply to Chris_Kez:

      Yes, that's the make it or break it for me... I am perfectly fine with them keeping the same design and I am even ok with the rumors saying they are re-using the mini 2 fatter body with non laminated display to hit the $299 mark (as they did with the budget ipad and ipad air 1 body), but without the pencil I am sticking to the mini 4 and ipad pro I already have

      • SvenJ

        In reply to digiguy: I'm with you, but not for the pencil necessarily. Something new; smaller bezels, FaceID, USB-C, something. Otherwise it's a mini 4 with an updated processor. Nice but not really something I imagine would be life changing day to day.

  3. simont

    Only A10 or A10X CPU but honestly for a mini, that's probably good enough

    • mattbg

      In reply to simont:

      I wonder if they will do the same for iPod Touch - the same with a few internal updates - just to bring its internals to a supportable level for the next 3 years :)

  4. dstrauss

    "...only moving the 3.5mm headphone jack to the top-center of the device..." I realize this is not an Apple site, but all of the sources say they are moving the microphone to center top, not the headphone jack.

    Like @Chris_Kez and @digiguy, pencil support is the make or break on this announcement. I don't expect Pencil 2 support, because this (with big brother non-pro iPad) will at best share Pencil 1 support, which will get the job done for those of us dying for an 8" moleskin replacement.

  5. locust infested orchard inc

    Once an iFad, always an iFad.

  6. red.radar

    I really liked the mini formfactor. This will probally be my next tablet purchase.

  7. evdo

    I was holding out for the longest time for this, then caved and bought a new 10 in. iPad over the holidays. Can’t catch a break on timing.

  8. the_real_entheos

    Almost nothing new and too late, people have moved on. My next tablet will be a Samsung as the actual apps are better and cheaper.