Apple Quietly Fixed the MacBook Pro’s Flexgate Problem in Newer Models

Posted on March 5, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, Hardware with 8 Comments

Apple’s MacBook Pro users started reporting a weird issue with their devices that led to displays failing after a few years of use. The problem was titled Flexgate, and Apple never really acknowledged the issue publicly.

The company did, however, fix the problem in newer MacBook Pros that were released in 2018. According to iFixit (via The Verge), the company now uses a slightly longer cable that connects the display and the display controller board on the device to get around the problem. On the older MacBook Pros, that was a problem because of the way the cable was integrated — the “thin, fragile flex” cable wraps around the hinge of the device, causing it to wear down as you use your device more. That led to screens failing after a lot of use, and the company’s new models come with a cable that’s 2mm longer to get around the problem.

But since Apple is yet to acknowledge the problem, affected users are having to pay up to $700 to fix their displays. Although users have tried to get Apple to respond to the problem, the company is seemingly trying to act like this was never a problem, even going as far as completely deleting support threads. Yes, really.

Apple has been facing a lot of other quality-related problems throughout the last year, especially on the MacBook Pros. Even though the company continues to promise high-quality products and customer service, all of this is the exact opposite of its promise.

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