Apple Reportedly Making Large iPads Without the Pro Branding

Posted on March 14, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, Hardware with 9 Comments

Apple is reportedly planning to launch two non-Pro iPad devices sometime this year. The company’s new iPads will not be small at all, however. In fact, they will be as big as the company’s iPad Pro devices, going up to 10.5-inches.

A Twitter account by the name of CoinX tweeted the new details, stating that Apple is working on the iPad 7 with a 10.2-inch display and a regular iPad with a 10.5-inch display:

But of course, trusting a Twitter account with no profile picture is not ideal. And even though the account does seem to have a solid track record, I would suggest taking this with a huge grain of salt.

If Apple does, however, introduce these new iPad devices, things are just going to get a lot confusing from a consumer’s point of view. The company will essentially have four different devices with just about the same display size, making the iPad lineup more causing than ever before. The naming of these devices are already very confusing, so this is just going to take the confusion to a whole another level.

It’s possible Apple is pushing for larger displays after the company received positive feedback from iPad Pro owners over the big displays, so it kind of makes sense. At the end of the day, though, a non-Pro 10.5-inch iPad and another 10.2-inch iPad just makes things really, really confusing.

Although it’s not clear when Apple is planning to launch the new devices, MacRumors reports that the 10.2-inch iPad could launch later this month along with the refreshed iPad Mini and the iPad Touch. And the bigger, 10.5-inch iPad could simply launch along with the new iPad Pros later this year.

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Apple Reportedly Making Large iPads Without the Pro Branding”

  1. wright_is

    Shouldn't they be going up to 11?

    I'll get my coat.

  2. Chris Payne

    Typo in 4th graf: "making the iPad lineup more causing than ever before"

  3. mattbg

    I'm anxiously awaiting something else in the line to get a USB-C port so that I can feel comfortable that the huge amount of money I recently spent on an iPad Pro doesn't have a gimmick port.

  4. codymesh

    What does this actually change?

  5. hoomgar

    It's still a crApple device.

  6. dontbe evil

    "the biggest ipad evaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" ... starting from only 999$