Apple’s Clean Energy Push Expands to Suppliers

Posted on April 11, 2019 by Brad Sams in Apple with 2 Comments

Love or hate them, there is one thing most people can agree about Apple, they do a good job of trying to put the environment into the equation of their products. The company frequently shows how they have removed toxic and heavy metals from some of their products and that they are using clean energy to power their data centers and offices.

Talking to Reuters, Apple said that is has doubled the number of suppliers who are using clean energy for the creation of its products. Crucially, this now includes Foxconn and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co; these two companies are the builders of Apple’s iPhone.

In total, 44 companies are now in Apple’s clean energy program that pushes its suppliers to adopt clean energy practices for building its products. Considering that suppliers make up a significant portion of the carbon footprint when a product is built, this is a positive movement for those that care about the Earth.

Apple is in a privileged position to push its suppliers to adopt these practices because of the large contracts the company distributes to build its products. If the company was not in the position, their influence over these companies would be minimal. That being said, it’s a positive sign to see that Apple is using its market influence for a net positive and not explicitly focusing on its bottom line.

Apple is not the only company who uses its influence in this way, both Google and Microsoft have made efforts in moving to clean energy as well.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Apple’s Clean Energy Push Expands to Suppliers”

  1. dontbe evil

    after years on greenpeace blacklist, apple suddenly "changed idea"

  2. Mark999

    I’d like to see more evidence that China creates a lot of clean energy - especially enough to power a manufacturing plant.