Apple Acquired Asthma-Monitoring Startup Tueo Health

Posted on May 25, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple with 4 Comments

Apple has bought yet another startup. The company has reportedly acquired Tueo Health, a small start-up that was working on a system that allows parents to monitor asthma symptoms in their children.

CNBC reports that the company might have acquired the company in late 2018, which is around the same time Tueo Health’s founders change their employer to Apple on LinkedIn.

It’s not clear how much Apple paid for the acquisition.

Tueo Health’s technology involved a mobile app that worked with commercial breathing sensors to monitor asthma symptoms in sleeping children, and alert parents when needed.

Apple has been increasing its focus on health in recent years, the company added ECG to the latest Apple Watch, for example. On iOS 13, Apple is also introducing a redesigned Health app that allows users to better track their health, including things like menstrual cycles. It’s not clear if Apple will introduce any new features or products that make use of Tueo Health’s technology, or if it will integrate the company’s tech into the Apple Watch in the future.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Apple Acquired Asthma-Monitoring Startup Tueo Health”

  1. Tony Barrett

    Tech companies monitoring your basic health indicators for fitness tracking is one thing - when they start getting involved in actual diagnosis and monitoring of actual illnesses or disabilities, that's something entirely different. The tools they create are NOT medical grade and even basic steps/heartrate tracking has been shown to be wildly inaccurate. Not really sure what Apple are playing at here - but it could be a dangerous/risky game.

    • Pbike908

      In reply to ghostrider:

      What Apple is trying to accomplish here is the holy grail -- convincing politicians that an Iphone, Apple Watch, and/or Ipad is a MEDICAL DEVICE and eligible for PURCHASE via Medicare and/or health insurance a hearing aid, diabetic test strips, etc...

      Like I like to say, it doesn't necessarily have to be a LIFE SAVING device (one could argue nothing actually is as human life existed long before any electronic medical device) Apple just has to convince the RIGHT politician/government agency...

    • jchampeau

      In reply to ghostrider:

      Neither Apple nor Tueo say they can or will attempt to diagnose asthma or provide comprehensive monitoring as if to take the place of a doctor. Perhaps you’re missing the point. I think these devices and apps are meant to augment and provide additional protection and monitoring, not to take the place of doctors or existing treatments.

  2. dontbe evil

    I suggest one more news

    “what happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone”

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