Apple Acquired Asthma-Monitoring Startup Tueo Health

Posted on May 25, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple with 4 Comments

Apple has bought yet another startup. The company has reportedly acquired Tueo Health, a small start-up that was working on a system that allows parents to monitor asthma symptoms in their children.

CNBC reports that the company might have acquired the company in late 2018, which is around the same time Tueo Health’s founders change their employer to Apple on LinkedIn.

It’s not clear how much Apple paid for the acquisition.

Tueo Health’s technology involved a mobile app that worked with commercial breathing sensors to monitor asthma symptoms in sleeping children, and alert parents when needed.

Apple has been increasing its focus on health in recent years, the company added ECG to the latest Apple Watch, for example. On iOS 13, Apple is also introducing a redesigned Health app that allows users to better track their health, including things like menstrual cycles. It’s not clear if Apple will introduce any new features or products that make use of Tueo Health’s technology, or if it will integrate the company’s tech into the Apple Watch in the future.

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