This Is Our First Peek at the iOS 13 Dark Mode

Posted on May 28, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, iOS with 11 Comments

Apple is taking the wraps off the next major version of iOS next week. And ahead of the announcement, we have some new details about iOS 13. The folks at 9to5Mac got their hands on some screenshots from iOS 13, giving us a peek at one of the biggest features in the update.

Dark mode.

We have known for a while iOS 13 will introduce a native dark mode for the entire OS, as well as the built-in apps. And now, we are getting out first look at the dark mode of iOS 13, which gives a darker background to the dock. Apple will also likely include new wallpapers that work better with dark mode. The stock apps on iOS 13 will get a full black background which should also look particularly good on OLED devices. The leaked screenshots don’t really show much apart from the dark dock and Apple Music in the new dark theme, though. I am particularly excited to see how the entire OS will look with this new dark theme.

9to5Mac is also giving us our first look at the redesigned Reminders app on iOS 13, which introduces an improved look on iPads. The redesigned Reminders app has separate sections for reminders for Today, Scheduled reminders, Flagged reminders, and all reminders. There’s also a sidebar of lists that you can create.

iOS 13 is expected to be a major update for the OS with other new features like improved multitasking, new gestures, a redesigned Health app, and more. Apple will unveil iOS 13 and new versions of its other OS at WWDC next week.

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Comments (11)

11 responses to “This Is Our First Peek at the iOS 13 Dark Mode”

  1. Skolvikings

    The overall changes seem rather subtle, at least based on these screenshots.

  2. codymesh

    Kudos to Windows Phone for seeing this coming years ago.

  3. dcdevito

    I welcome it, but if Dark Mode is expected to be the biggest update than color me disappointed

  4. igor engelen

    Even without an oled screen I'll be using the dark mode on all my devices. They did such a good job on MacOS that I'm confident for iOS too.

    Did they finally get rid off the grainy background in reminders (and notes for that matter). Can't really tell from the screenshot.

  5. djross95

    I can't help but wonder if they're finally going to tackle the dreadfully outdated Springboard interface. Looking at that screen (and every other screen) filled with top-justified icons just makes me shudder--so 2014. They may have decided that their customers won't stand for any changes, which would be a shame. Where's the "courage", Apple?

  6. Slvrgun

    Apple gets things mostly right the first time

  7. mrdrwest

    Grid of icons with a dark theme: Insanely great...SMH...

  8. dontbe evil

    OMG apple is going to be revolutionary once again, with their innovative and unique ideas

  9. m_p_w_84

    i am sure i read last year that iOS 13 was going to be the update that gave the iPhone a dramatic (and much needed) OS overhaul.

    whilst i couldn't care less, i appreciate some people may like the aesthetics of a dark mode, but personally I would call the addition of dark mode iOS not iOS 13.