iOS 13 to Reportedly Include Dark Mode, Multitasking Improvements

Posted on April 15, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in iOS with 21 Comments

A new report claims that iOS 13 will be a major release with numerous new features that include a system-wide Dark Mode.

9to5Mac, citing “people familiar with the development of the operating system,” says that iOS 13, which Apple will unveil at WWDC 2019 in June and then release in September, will include the following new features:

Dark Mode. A system-wide Dark Mode will be configurable in Settings, and it will come in a high-contrast version similar to how it works today in macOS. (Mac users running iOS apps will be able to take advantage of this support on that platform as well.)

Multiple app windows. In a first for iOS, the platform will now support multiple floating windows with apps. Each of these windows can also include a detachable sheet that can likewise float and be moved around on-screen, stacked, or flung away using a dismissal gesture.

Undo gesture. A new system gesture will formalize Undo across all apps that use a keyboard. “The gesture starts as a three-finger tap on the keyboard area, sliding left and right allows the user to undo and redo actions interactively,” the report notes.

Safari improvements. In iOS 13, Safari will automatically get the desktop version of websites when on an iPad.

Font management improvements. A new Font management panel in Settings will help users install and manage fonts.

Mail improvements. In iOS 13, the Mail app is being updated with category (marketing, purchases, travel, “not important” and more) filtering and a new Read Later queue.

Multi-select gesture. A new system-wide gesture will let users multi-select items in table and collection views. “Users will be able to drag with multiple fingers on a list or collection of items to draw a selection, similar to clicking and dragging in Finder on the Mac,” the report claims.

New Volume HUD. A new heads-up display for volume controls is coming and will appear whenever the volume is adjusted.

But wait, there’s more. iOS 13 will also feature a redesigned Reminders app, better “Hey Siri” rejection, better multilingual support for keyboards and dictation, and expanded in-app printing controls, 9to5Mac explains.

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Comments (21)

21 responses to “iOS 13 to Reportedly Include Dark Mode, Multitasking Improvements”

  1. dontbe evil

    OMG the best dark mode evaaaaaaaaaaaa, this will be revolutionaryyyyyyyyyy

  2. ReformedCtrlZ

    If Apple would get behind allowing default apps to replace first part apps (google assistant instead of Siri, edge instead of safari, outlook instead of mail, google maps instead of apple maps) and more importantly offering either a significantly updated springboard or, preferably, the ability to replace springboard with third party launchers - I would be severely tempted to jump ship to an iPhone. If they add Dark mode then the only thing holding me back would be USB-C and a new TouchID, because I'm not about to go and buy a bunch of lightning cables and I don't want to give up my fingerprint reader.

  3. StoneJack

    It is going to be quite a big release. I recall few years ago Apple had a major redesign of iOS, going to a simpler and more modern visual mode, which is being refined now. The dark mode, floating windows, multiple selections are something very new

  4. Thom77

    Too late Apple.

    I bought the MS Go. Is it perfect? Nope. Many problems.

    But I have a file system, and can play full fledge PC games that are quite good even though 5 years old or older, mouse, full fledge software designed for full functionality instead of touch screen limitations, ports, external SD support, seamless background downloading capabilities that doesn't stop because I switched apps or stops when iPad screen turns off.... oh, did I include ... file system?

    I am 10x more happy with my Go then I was when I bought my iPad. And when MS improves it, I plan on buying the higher tier next time.

  5. jecouch66

    Please, Apple, for the love of all that is holy, let me arrange the icons how I want them.

  6. SenorGravy

    Dear Tim Apple-

    I come to you with sombrero in hand. I appreciate the new Undo button and the new Dark Mode. It sounds cool. But PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE can you update the bluetooth settings to allow me to name my individual connected devices? You know, like Android has had for quite some time now?

    As a dude with two Fords in the family, and a Ford company vehicle at sucks to have three connections labeled SYNC on your phone.

    Thank you ever so much.

  7. Slvrgun

    Need a spam call screen.

  8. irfaanwahid

    No mention of redesigned Home? Are we still gona get the whack a mole grid layout in iOS 13?

    I thought iOS 13 was supposed to change things radically.

  9. RobertJasiek

    Still no Finder on iOS? Sigh.

  10. chrishilton1

    It's still missing mouse support, the one thing that could push iOS to the next level.

  11. MikeGalos

    I'd say the catch up on floating windowing is a lot bigger change than "dark mode" and the only thing on that list that's not a "feature tweak" and deserves calling this a "major release".

  12. dcdevito

    My wife and I recently switched from Pixels to the iPhone XR. So far we love it the experience. iOS is light years ahead of Android in a number of crucial areas, like fit and finish, smoothness, privacy, UI navigation, security, messaging, calling quality, and better apps. I do wish they’d allow an easier way to rearrange app icons however, and better notifications. Siri is rather dumb too, but at least it has a built in task/to-do and shopping list. I’m also hoping for offline maps in Apple Maps.

  13. igor engelen

    Oh please Apple, get rid of that grainy paper background in the Notes app.

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