Apple Explains What the iPhone Can Do in New Campaign

Posted on July 2, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, iOS, Mobile with 13 Comments

Apple is explaining the iPhone. Yes.

The company launched a new “That’s iPhone” campaign this week that highlights some of the most important features on an iPhone. Not only does it highlight a lot of the popular (and basic) features, but it also shows off little known things like gestures, reachability, Memoji, etc.

Apple has launched a dedicated page for the new That’s iPhone campaign on its website where it highlights some of these features, with the tagline “iPhone can do whaaat?”. So yes, it’s basically just like the “PC does what?” campaign, but for iPhones.

It’s also launching actual ads for the new campaign where it focuses on both the hardware and software of iPhones.

The first ad focuses on the iPhone’s recyclability, something that’s been a major focus for Apple in recent times:

The other two focus on privacy and security, with Apple highlighting iMessage’s end-to-end encryption and the App Store’s reviewing process that helps keep malware out:

The ads are actually pretty cool and short, but the campaign itself is a little interesting. This is something you’d expect a new platform to do, like Microsoft explaining what Windows Phones could do, or Google showing off Chromebook features. In Apple’s case, iOS and iPhones are wildly popular and most people already know what the iPhone can do, but I guess it’s more about getting more of the general public who aren’t really tech savvy to know about some of these little known features.

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