Apple Joins Data Transfer Project to Enable Seamless Data Transfer Across Platforms

Posted on July 31, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple with 9 Comments

Last year, a couple of tech giants launched a new project called the Data Transfer Project (DTP). It’s a new project that’s meant to make data sharing between different platforms and services seamless for the user.

And now, another big name is joining the project: Apple.

The people behind DTP announced that Apple is now joining the Data Transfer Project, which means Apple’s services will allow for seamless data transfer. And as a result, if you are moving from iCloud to Google Drive, for example, you would theoretically be able to bring the photos on your iCloud to Google Photos. At least that’s the plan, for now.

Most of the work done by the DTP is to do with the back-end for now, so there isn’t any “frontend” to actually use most of the features just yet. The project has made quite a lot of progress since it’s launch, though:

  • Apple has officially joined the Project.
  • 18 contributors from a combination of partners and the open source community have inserted more than 42,000 lines of code and changed more than 1,500 files.
  • We’ve added framework features such as Cloud logging and monitoring to enable production use of the Data Transfer Project at companies developing new features.
  • We also updated integrations for new APIs from Google Photos and Smugmug that will enable users to move their photos between these services.
  • We have added new integrations for Deezer, Mastodon, and Solid.

Whether DTP will be something companies actually embrace remains to be seen. Still, the idea of data interoperability between all the world’s popular service might just be a dream come true with DTP.

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