Spotify and Siri Might Finally Be Friends

Posted on August 13, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, Music + Videos, Spotify with 2 Comments

Ever since Spotify started firing at Apple for anti-competitive tactics, things haven’t gone too well between the two companies. Spotify being the world’s most popular music streaming service and Apple Music coming at second, the competition between both the services is real. Apple’s obviously abused its power for a long time, preventing Spotify from working with things like Siri, and charging high fees on the App Store.

And now, Spotify and Apple might soon start to play well with each other. Well, almost.

The Information is reporting that Spotify and Apple are in talks to enable Siri integration for Spotify. Starting with iOS 13, Spotify users will be able to control their Spotify playback with Siri, and even ask Siri to play songs. The integration will work for Apple’s HomePod, too, which is a big deal because many Spotify users didn’t show interest on the device due to the lack of Spotify support.

This new integration isn’t exclusive to Spotify, though. Apple actually is introducing new SiriKit APIs in iOS 13 that enables third-party music streaming services to work well with Siri, so it’s not anything Apple’s specifically built for Spotify. The latest discussions between the company, however, could mean they are ready to squash the problems Spotify has mentioned earlier.

But do remember that the Siri integration is only one part of Spotify’s complaint — the company also has problems with Apple’s fees on App Store subscription prices, as well as the way it restricts third-parties from contacting customers that are often useful for marketing its service. So Apple might still face antitrust fines from the EU, if it’s found guilty of violating antitrust laws.

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