Apple Delays Privacy Crackdown in Kids Apps Following Developer Concerns

Posted on August 21, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, iOS, iPadOS, Mobile with 12 Comments

Back at WWDC, Apple announced some changes to its App Store policies. One of the main changes the company announced was its crackdown on kids apps to help keep kids safe online. As part of the changes, Apple announced it will stop apps in the Kids Category from using third-party advertising or analytics. And that’s led to some major concerns for developers behind the hundreds of kids apps on the App Store.

Apple has now decided to delay these new policies, following backlash from developers.

The Washington Post is reporting that Apple has decided to delay when these new policies against kids apps go in action, stating that it’s generally received “widespread support” for its efforts to protect kids. Developers of popular kids apps, however, say otherwise.

“We aren’t backing off on this important issue, but we are working to help developers get there,” an Apple spokesperson said. Developers of kids apps, on the other hand, are concerned about these new policies affecting their business. Most kids apps are free and use advertisements to pay their bills, and Apple preventing the use of third-party advertising means they will have to build their in-house ad systems that could cost quite a lot to build. App developers are also concerned about Apple limiting their ability to collect analytics from their apps which are crucial for app development.

They are even more concerned about how little Apple tells them about these new policies, and how these rules are enforced are a mystery, according to developers who spoke to The Washington Post. Developers are now pushing for Apple to mandate all kids apps that use third-party advertising and analytics instead of enforcing a blanket ban.

And considering Apple has delayed its plans for the blanket ban, there are chances Apple will change the way it plans to protect kids online. For now, though, it’s all a mystery.

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