Apple’s Tag Device for Tracking Personal Items Detailed in New Leak

Posted on September 2, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple with 15 Comments

There have been rumors about Apple working on a new tracking device for personal devices. The small, Tile-like tag device will allow you to attach it to personal items like your cycles, bags, etc., so they can be tracked from your iPhone.

In a new leak over the weekend, the folks at MacRumors detailed how the new device could work from iOS 13 beta code. According to the blog, Apple will introduce a new “Items” tab for the Find My app in iOS 13 which you can already use to find your friends and other Apple devices. The new tag device will likely have a small circular design with an Apple logo at the center and use button cell batteries.

According to the code found in an internal iOS 13 beta, the device, codenamed B389, will notify users via the Find My app on their iPhones when they are separated from their items. Users can then use the app to make a sound on the tag to help locate the device, if necessary. You will also be able to set “safe locations” for an item and share the location of an item with others, too.

A clever feature of the device seems to be the use of AR. Apple will apparently use AR to help users locate their device at times, so you will essentially have to hold your iPhone up and it will ask you to walk around an area and move your iPhone around your environment till you find balloons floating over where your item is supposed to be.

The tracking device will also include a “Lost Mode” which will allow you to use the help of other iPhone users to find your lost items. Apparently, if other iPhone users find your item, they would be notified and have the option to contact you directly to help you recover the lost item. The idea here sounds pretty neat, but it will be interesting to see how Apple actually implements this feature with privacy and security in mind.

Apple will likely reveal this new tracking tag at its Fall event on September 10, where the company is also expected to launch new iPhones, iPads, and Mac.

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