Apple Now Lets Users Stop Sharing Voice Recordings for Siri Grading Program

Posted on October 10, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, Mobile, iOS with 8 Comments

Apple was under fire back in August when a report revealed the company was using human contractors to review audio recordings of users collected from Siri. The company was using random voice recordings from users to help improve Siri, but that process involved human contractors listening to recordings of users with confidential information. What made the issue worse is that users didn’t really know that Apple was getting human contractors to listen to their voice recordings.

Apple later suspended the grading program, and it announced some changes to make sure the company no longer violates its users’ privacy. Apple isn’t the only company to have human contractors review voice recordings of its users, by the way.

And now in the latest beta of iOS 13.2 (via MacRumors), Apple is introducing some changes to the feature. iOS 13.2’s setup experience now includes a dedicated screen where Apple requests users to help improve Siri and dictation features by allowing the company to store and review audio of their Siri and dictation interactions from their device. The feature can be toggled from the Settings app, too. Apple has also added a new feature that allows users to completely delete the current interactions that are stored on Apple’s servers for grading purposes.

The new options will obviously be welcome, but this is something Apple really should have had from the beginning. Considering how much Apple talks about protecting users privacy, this is obviously very disappointing.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Apple Now Lets Users Stop Sharing Voice Recordings for Siri Grading Program”

  1. BrianEricFord

    I’d probably amend the headline because most users aren’t on the beta track for iOS.

    Should probably say “beta users” instead of just users.

  2. Ron Diaz

    Let me know when Microsoft allows me to delete all my personal information from their servers...

    • Andi

      In reply to Hypnotoad:

      MS was upfront Apple was not. Don't like MS, don't use it.

      Apple does not allow you to manage your overall data like Google. You can delete your data but no relevant privacy controls the like Google offers you.

    • dontbeevil

      In reply to Hypnotoad:

      You can do it already before apple, now I'm not on pc otherwise I'll provide you a link... Meanwhile "what happens on your iphone stays on your iphone" *

      *Till we get caught

  3. dontbeevil

    one more interesting article that probably will never see here

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