Apple Removes Vaping Apps From the App Store

Posted on November 15, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, iOS with 13 Comments

Apple is putting the hammer down on vaping apps. The company is removing all apps on the App Store that encourage or facilitate the use of e-cigarette and vaping products that were recently found to be harmful for users’ health.

Apple has been taking actions against such apps since June. Axios reports that the company stopped accepting new apps that promote vaping since June of this year, and it’s now removing all 181 vaping-related apps from the store, citing the health-related issues.

“Recently, experts ranging from the CDC to the American Heart Association have attributed a variety of lung injuries and fatalities to e-cigarette and vaping products, going so far as to call the spread of these devices a public health crisis and a youth epidemic. We agree, and we’ve updated our App Store Review Guidelines to reflect that apps encouraging or facilitating the use of these products are not permitted. As of today, these apps are no longer available to download,” an Apple spokesperson said.

Apple has never allowed the sale of vape cartridges directly from apps on the App Store, but there were a ton of vaping-related apps that ranged from letting users configure their vape, to vaping-related social networks which is pretty wild.

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Comments (13)

13 responses to “Apple Removes Vaping Apps From the App Store”

  1. Skolvikings

    This is ridiculous. I don't need Apple to be my mommy. Nor do I need Apple being my kid's mommy. My wife and I are perfectly capable of parenting our kids, and that includes monitoring their phone usage.

    Secondly, this whole "public health scare" over vaping is misleading. The cases of lung disease from vaping are stemming from black-market products, mostly from people trying to get high off black market THC vaping products. Adult use of brand-name, store-bought, nicotine vaping cartridges is night and day safer than smoking cigarettes, which we know as fact kill people.

  2. jimchamplin

    I'm reminded of "The Princess Bride" where Inigo tells Fezzik, "You finally did something right!"

  3. lvthunder

    In reply to Speednet:

    Except Apple isn't the state. Enjoy Android since Apple doesn't allow a lot of things. It took me three times to get my iOS app approved because Apple didn't like a picture I used.

  4. lvthunder

    Who knew you needed a vaping app to begin with?

  5. simont

    Can you control an e-cig with an app? Otherwise what would you need these apps for?

    • mattbg

      In reply to simont:

      I think some apps do let you interface with the hardware. You can monitor your vaping time. And of course some of them contain AI to let you get the best vaping experience :) I do not know if they also contain machine learning.

  6. Thom77

    well, I can't listen to podcasts Apple doesn't like, nor will they allow apps to use P2P technology so we cant have a Bitchute app, and now we can't have vaping apps.

    well ..... at least we have gender neutral emotes now.

  7. Stooks

    Good! Now if they could remove say Snapchat which is where 99.99999% of under age kids get their vaping products from...and other stuff like drugs and alcohol.

    Of course they wont do that because it would KILL the iPhone market. Money is king.

  8. ghostrider

    Not surprised. Apple are very much 'health' focused right now, and don't want to impact sales of devices to people who might be buying them just for that. The high profile vaping deaths in the US (whether using official or black-market vape is irrelevant) might tarnish Apple's squeaky clean reputation, as they don't want to be seen promoting vaping. Bye, bye any and all vaping apps then.

    Remember, Apple are your Mom, Dad, Grandparents and any other relative you have all rolled into one. They ALWAYS know best!

  9. androidblue

    This is very valuable information.

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