Apple Puts a Dedicated Camera Button the Latest iPhone 11 Battery Case

Posted on November 21, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, iOS, Mobile with 19 Comments

Apple is launching new versions of its Smart Battery Case this week. The company’s newest Smart Battery Cases are made for the new iPhone 11 line, and cost a whopping $129. You can buy one for the iPhone 11 here, iPhone 11 Pro here, and iPhone 11 Pro Max here —  they all cost the same regardless of which iPhone you have.

The new cases still have the same, ugly bump at the back of the case. It does, however, come with wireless charging support and lets you charge both your iPhone and battery case simultaneously. When fully charged, Apple says the case can offer up to 50% longer battery life, meaning it can refill your iPhone battery by around 50%.

But that’s not important, what is important, however, is the inclusion of a new dedicated camera button. For the first time ever, Apple is putting a dedicated camera button on iPhones, albeit through an accessory. The company is obviously really proud of the camera upgrades on the iPhone 11, so it’s putting a dedicated button to let users launch the Camera app instantly on the iPhone 11 devices.

The case also takes advantage of iPhone 11’s new QuickTake video feature, so pressing and holding the button will capture a QuickTake video on your phone. Dedicated camera buttons on phones are obviously nothing new, Microsoft’s Lumia phones have had them integrated on the phone itself for years, and we even had phones with dedicated camera buttons before that. But for Apple fans, who probably have $130 to spend on a charging case, it is a big deal.

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