Apple Ships iOS 13.3 With New Parental Controls, FIDO2 Security Key Support

Posted on December 11, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, iOS, Mobile with 2 Comments

Apple’s iOS 13 release has been a pretty big mess for the company. The initial iOS 13 release included a lot of bugs, and Apple has been continuously releasing updates since the release to address those issues.

To date, Apple has released 8 different iOS 13 updates to the public. And the latest release of iOS 13.3 brings that number up to 9.

The company started shipping iOS 13.3 to users last night, and it comes with a number of improvements. Most importantly, the new update introduces new communication limits for Screen Time. That means parents can now set who their children can call, FaceTime, or Message after reaching their limit. Parents will be able to see their children’s contacts list while setting these new communication limits, to make sure they are only allowed to communicate with certain contacts when they reach a set limit, for example.

iOS 13.3 also introduces the ability to save a video as a new video clip after trimming it in the Photos app.

The update also adds support for FIDO2 security keys in Safari. Apple says iOS 13.3 will enable iPhone users to use any NFC, USB, and Lightning FIDO2-compliant security keys on their iPhone.

iOS 13.3 introduces some other improvements, most notably some new design changes for Apple News+, and updates to the Stocks app, and a bunch of other fixes.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Apple Ships iOS 13.3 With New Parental Controls, FIDO2 Security Key Support”

  1. red.radar

    You know.... I get that the iOS 13 launch has been more eventful than most. However this is a feature update drop more than it is a bug release

  2. ommoran

    Nothing to do with fixing the ongoing bluetooth problems?

    Bluetooth problems. 2019. Something doesn't add up.

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