Apple Podcasts Land on Amazon Echo

Posted on December 13, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Amazon, Apple with 5 Comments

Apple and Amazon are teaming up to bring Apple Podcats to Echo devices. The companies today announced the release of Apple Podcasts on Amazon Echo, meaning you can now listen to Apple Podcasts on your Alexa-enabled device.

The feature is available today, and you can use it by simply asking Alexa to play a podcast on Apple Podcasts. You can, for example, say “Alexa, play First Ring Daily on Apple Podcasts”. The other usual Alexa audio commands will work just fine with Apple Podcasts.

Apple Podcasts support on Amazon Echo is actually pretty smart. When you pause playback on the Apple Podcasts app on your phone, you can pick up where you left off on your Alexa device. So if you pause an episode that you are listening to in the Apple Podcasts app on your commute, you can ask Alexa to continue playback where you left off once you get home. This only seems to work if you actually link your Apple account with the Alexa app, though.

You can also set Apple Podcats to be the preferred podcast provider on your Alexa-enabled device through the Alexa app.

Apple has lately been bringing its services to other platforms in recent months, with the company bringing an official Apple TV app to most smart TVs and devices like the Fire TV Stick. In other words, Apple services have come a long way (literally) in the last year.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Apple Podcasts Land on Amazon Echo”

  1. spullum

    Definitely not something I expected to see from either company. I have avoided having a spying cylinder in the house so far, but very cool for folks who use Apple Podcasts and Alexa.

  2. ejuly

    Are people using Apple podcasts, if yes why? So many more great apps.

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