New Apple Maps Arrives on iOS in the United States

Posted on January 30, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Apple, iOS with 9 Comments

Apple today announced a major new version of its iOS Maps app that features improved road coverage and pedestrian data, more precise addresses, and more detailed land cover. It’s available now only in the United States.

“We set out to create the best and most private maps app on the planet that is reflective of how people explore the world today,” Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue is quoted as saying in the announcement post. “It is an effort we are deeply invested in and required that we rebuild the map from the ground up to reimagine how Maps enhances people’s lives, from navigating to work or school or planning an important vacation, all with privacy at its core. The completion of the new map in the United States and delivering new features like Look Around and Collections are important steps in bringing that vision to life. We look forward to bringing this new map to the rest of the world starting with Europe later this year.”

Here’s what’s new.

Look Around. Inspired by Street View in Google Maps, Look Around provides interactive street-level imagery with high-resolution, 3D photography and smooth and seamless transitions, but only in New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, and Oahu.

Favorites. This new feature provides quick and easy navigation to the places you visit most often. Just tap and go once it’s in Favorites on the launch screen.

Real-time transit information. Now you can get detailed transit schedules, live departure times, arrival times, the current location of an en-route bus or train, and system connections to help plan a journey … Assuming you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles, or Miami, that is.

Share ETA. Now, you can send an estimated time of arrival to others with a tap. The receiver can follow your journey, and Maps will update them with a revised estimate if there are delays.

Flight status. Thanks to on-device Siri intelligence, Maps can now scan for information stored in Mail, Calendar, or Wallet and proactively display flight information such as your terminal, gate location, departure time, flight changes, and cancellations.

Indoor Maps for airports and malls. Now you can see what level you’re on, restroom locations, and which stores and restaurants are open.

Siri Natural Language Guidance. This provides more natural-sounding directions that are even easier to follow, such as “At the next traffic light, turn left.”

Flyover. Now, you can view select major metro areas using photo-realistic, immersive 3D views. It’s available in over 350 cities, Apple says.


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Comments (9)

9 responses to “New Apple Maps Arrives on iOS in the United States”

  1. Chris_Kez

    I really wish Apple would dump Yelp and redouble their efforts to build out the POI database in-house.

  2. lvthunder

    I won the location lottery today. I live in Las Vegas and the Look Around has higher resolution pictures then Street View does.

  3. truerock2

    I use Apple Maps and only use Google Maps when Apple Maps seems to have bad data.

    If I understand correctly, Tom Tom and the Weather Channel provide most of the data used by Apple Maps?

    Anyway, I've always wanted a street view - and, I'm glad it is available... although, I'll probably use 3D view more often,

    And of course regular 2D map view is what I use over 95% of the time.

    Because I mostly use a Windows 10 PC - I wish more of Apples apps ran on Windows 10.

  4. Pbike908

    I don't understand why Apple hasn't added bicycle directions to Apple Maps yet. Google has had this feature for years.

  5. rosyna

    I know you haven’t used Apple Maps in forever, Paul, but you listed the “existing features of Maps pre-iOS 13” section of the PR as “new features”.

  6. Jeffsters

    Apple Maps has been continually improving. I particularly love the search search feature for restaurants near me, a specific restaurant, showing hours, Yelp info, phone, web site, etc., keeping me, at least for a moment, out of Google’s data collection hell. What bothers me is the steps Google is taking to combat Apple Maps using their search monopoly. For example you can not set Apple Maps as your mapping preference from a search that insists opening Google Maps. Even attempting to copy an address from a Google search results in a non-standard lat/long that only Google Maps understands. Anti-trust anyone?

    • Andi

      In reply to Jeffsters:

      Maybe you mean Apple is using its platform control to cram Apple Maps down your neck and not allowing 3rd parties to be set as default on the iphone/watch/carplay. When you control 70% of mobile app revenue that is called abuse of dominant position. The same bull Apple is pulling with Spotify.

  7. behindmyscreen

    I started using Apple Maps a couple years ago rather than google maps and I haven’t noticed any significant issues with it compared to google. I’m glad they are adding some nice features.