Report: Apple Could Release 15-inch MacBook Air in 2023

Posted on March 25, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Apple with 15 Comments

Apple is expected to release a redesigned version of its popular MacBook Air later this year, but new reports are suggesting that a 15-inch version could also be in the pipeline for 2023. This would be a first for the MacBook Air family, which used to offer a smaller 11-inch version until 2016.

The information about the 15-inch MacBook Air came first from the latest quarterly report from Display Supply Chain Consultants, which was released earlier this week. DSCC analyst Ross Young has since followed up on Twitter to add that the 2022 MacBook Air may see its screen go from 13.3″ to 13.6″, and that the bigger model expected for 2023 may have come with a 15.2” screen.

This new 15.2” MacBook may actually drop the “Air” brand according to Young, a fact that’s also been confirmed by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The second analyst also believes that the bigger MacBook may use the same 30W power adapter as the current 13.3″ MacBook, and that production could start in Q4 2023.

Since Apple discontinued its 12-inch MacBook in 2019, the MacBook Air has remained Apple’s most affordable laptop starting at $999. To get a bigger screen, the current choices include the redesigned 14” and 16” MacBook Pros, which start at $1999 and $2499, respectively. Hopefully, this new 15.2” MacBook/Air will be more affordable than that.

Apple’s MacBook Air has remained a popular consumer laptop for many years, and it’s often being credited for being the origin of the “ultrabook” laptop category. If 13-inch screens probably remain the sweet spot for most consumers, there’s still an audience for bigger laptops. It’s something that a company like Microsoft also believes in, with the company releasing 15-inch versions of its Surface Laptop 3 and 4 in recent years.

Since Apple kicked off its transition to Apple Silicon back in Fall 2020, there’s definitely been a renewed interest in Macs, even though some designs (including the MacBook Air) now look pretty dated. Still, Apple’s focus on vertical integration allows the company to better integrate hardware and software than its competitors, and so far it’s hard to deny that the company has released more impressive Apple Silicon Macs than the Windows on ARM competition.

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Comments (15)

15 responses to “Report: Apple Could Release 15-inch MacBook Air in 2023”

  1. jgraebner

    You never know. Anything's possible. :)

  2. mikegalos

    If the 15" MacBook Air drops the "Air" notation wouldn't that just be a 15" MacBook?

    • Laurent Giret

      yup, but there's been no "MacBook" since they discontinued the 12" model back in 2019

      • mikegalos

        So the real story would be them killing off the MacBook Air product line and reinstating the MacBook product line.

        • Stabitha.Christie

          No, the 13 inch MacBook Air would still exist. So I guess the story would be the reintroduction of the MacBook.

          • mikegalos

            That's assuming the 13 inch would still continue and that it would not be rebranded in that year's release as a MacBook.

            • pecosbob04

              Seems to me there would be no reason to rebrand a 13" MacBook Air. The 'Air' branding is well regarded I believe, but you may be right as marketing decisions can be counterintuitive sometimes.

            • Stabitha.Christie

              Not to rain on your parade but the entire article is based on rumors so we are dealing entirely in they hypothetical. It’s all kind of assumptions at this point.

              Anyway, the article says that there is a emoted 15 MacBook that may or may not include the word Air in the name. The article also says they will release a new 13 inch MBA. There is literally not mention of dropping the MacBook Air name from anything.

              • bkkcanuck

                If they are changing branding, I don't think they will go back to the Macbook 'nothing'... it may be acceptable when it comes to branding but it messes with people using search engines in researching what computer is right for them... Odds are, no rebranding - Air will continue to exist as a lineup.

                • Stabitha.Christie

                  I don’t think the MacBook Air name is going anywhere. The question is more about what would a hypothetical 15 inch MacBook be called. I could see them using the MacBook name. It has been done a couple of times to day with little to no confusion.

  3. jimchamplin

    I still miss the Powerbook branding. To me MacBook, especially with the camel case just looks cheesy.

    Yeah, I know that PowerBook was properly written that way too, but it doesn't look as ungainly to me.

    • Stabitha.Christie

      I thought PowerBook was better but I also get the change since PowerBook was referencing the PowerPC chip. Fortunately they didn’t keep with including chip reference or we would have had the IntelBook or CoreBook and now the MBook.

  4. jdawgnoonan

    "It’s hard to deny that the company has released more impressive Apple Silicon Macs than the Windows on ARM competition".

    As far as I can tell there is no Windows on ARM competition. Windows on ARM in Parallels on an M1 Mac is faster than any Windows on ARM machine. Apple's M1 Macs compete well with machines running high end Intel or AMD chips. Windows on ARM machines are running glorified phone chips.

  5. Pierre Masse

    The Air brand needs to go. There was no reason to keep it since the MacBook disappeared. Air meant "more than the basic one" in the mind of people, so, unless they present a new MacBook less expensive named MacBook Nothing (which will never happen) then they have to stop that nonsense, OR make a "more than the basic one" which already exist with the 13 inches Pro. I hate when companies mess with their series and brands. That's why I hate Google for this more than Apple, because they have no consistency whatsoever. They are brand-dumb.