Report: Apple Plans AirPods Pro 2 and New AirPods Max Colors This Fall

Apple is reportedly planning to release new AirPods Pro this fall alongside new AirPod Max colors. The information comes from the Bloomberg Power On newsletter from Mark Gurman, who highlighted that the original AirPods Pro are approaching three years old.

“Look out for new AirPods Pro in the fall. The current model has been on the market since fall of 2019, so the batteries are already probably in trouble for some early adopters,” Also look out for an AirPods Max refresh with new colors (and, we hope, a price drop—$550 is absurd for those headphones),” Gurman wrote.

Apple slowly iterates, and there was an almost similar three years gap between the original AirPods and the AirPods 2. Released back in October 2019, the $249 AirPods Pro were the first AirPods to support spatial audio and active noise cancellation, and they also came with distinctive silicone tips.

According to a note to investors seen by 9to5Mac earlier this year, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that he also expected the AirPods Pro 2 to launch in Fall 2022. He added that the main updates could include “a new form factor design, support for Apple Lossless (ALAC) format, and a charging case that can emit a sound for users to track.”

AirPods have definitely contributed to making wireless earbuds increasingly popular in recent years, but sales of the latest AirPods 3 released back in October 2021 may have been hurt by the AirPods 2’s persisting popularity. Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted back in April that demand for AirPods 3 was “significantly weaker” due to the AirPods 2’s $50 cheaper price, adding that “AirPods Pro may get discontinued after Apple launches AirPods Pro 2 in 2H22 to avoid repeating the same mistake.”

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Conversation 5 comments

  • TallGuySE

    Premium Member
    09 May, 2022 - 5:13 pm

    <p>As much as I like the AirPods Max, I fear they will go the way of the OG HomePod. I have and use both regularly, and think they sound awesome. But Apple priced them too high from the start and that killed them getting any traction.</p>

    • michael_babiuk

      10 May, 2022 - 12:25 am

      <p>The question one should ask is – were they worth the money – rather than speculating why they were market failures. Like your self, I own and use both the OG HomePod (stereo pair, in my case) and the green tinted AirPods Max – great sound and the most comfortable fully enclosed "cans" I have ever worn over an extended period of time. So for me, both were and still are "worth the money". (Note: If you thought the OG HomePod speakers were over priced, their current going purchase price from 3rd party vendors would indicate that they were, in fact, under priced from the start. </p><p><br></p><p>But, if Apple ever chooses to indulge in creating a newer version of the OG HomePod (perhaps capable of playing uncompressed lossless musical tracks), I would purchase those new speakers in a heartbeat – and maybe this time around, enabling them to function with a dedicated sub woofer module. However, until that day comes, I will be content to enjoy what my ears hear when I speak words, "Hey Siri. Play some music."</p>

      • TallGuySE

        Premium Member
        10 May, 2022 - 12:17 pm

        <p>I agree with you – I purchased both at launch, paying full price, and feel I got decent value for my money. But I think the market would have reacted better with original price points of $299 for OG HomePod and $499 for AirPods Max (if not $399, but that’s a big stretch). I picked up my second OG HomePod at BB for $199, that was a good deal!</p><p><br></p><p>BTW, the OG HomePod does play lossless music – settings are in the Home app under owner. AppleTV plays lossless as well.</p>

  • wright_is

    Premium Member
    10 May, 2022 - 4:55 am

    <p>The AirPods Pro seem to be almost permanently discounted on Amazon for about 2 months now, I bought them for under $200 and they are now $180 on the German store. No wonder the AirPods 3 are finding it hard to compete.</p>

  • TallGuySE

    Premium Member
    10 May, 2022 - 6:16 am



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