iOS 16 Will Introduce Personalized Lock Screens and More

Posted on June 6, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Apple, iOS, Mobile with 14 Comments

Apple has officially announced iOS 16, the next major update of the operating system powering the company’s iPhones. iOS 16 will be quite a big update for iPhone users, and one of the biggest new features is the ability to personalize your lock screen in brand new ways.

iOS 16 also brings updates for Messages, Maps, Dictation, Apple Pay, Photos, and CarPlay. You can find more details about the most important new features below:

New Lock Screen: iOS 16 will let iPhone users customize every element on the lock screen including the style of the time and date, and add widgets to keep track of the weather, calendar events, and fitness activity. The Lock screen will also support Live Activities including sports games scores, Uber rides, and more.

Messages updates: Apple’s Messaging app is getting support for an Undo Send feature, message editing, and the ability to mark any thread as unread. SharePlay is also coming to Messages, allowing users to easily start a SharePlay session with their contacts

New Dictation experience: iOS 16 will let users replace selected text in a message by using just their voice. When writing long messages, Dictation will also automatically add punctuation.

Apple Pay: The new Apple Pay Later will allow iPhone users to split the cost of a purchase into four payments occurring every two weeks, with zero interest and no fees. Apple Pay Order Tracking will also add details about upcoming orders right into the Apple Wallet app.

Maps: Apple is bringing its new Maps to eleven more countries including France, Switzerland, and New Zealand. The Maps is also getting support for Multi-stop routing, allowing users to plan up to 50 stops in advance and ask siri to add additional stops when they’re driving

Photos: The new iCloud Shared Photo Library will let everyone in a family can contribute to a shared photo library that’s separate from personal photo libraries.

Safety Check: This new feature will allow users to immediately stop sharing their location, reset privacy permissions for all of their apps, and protect access to their messages on all their devices. This feature has been developed to protect people in abusive relationships, Apple explained.

That’s just a quick look at some of the biggest new features coming with iOS 16 later this fall. A private beta will be available for developers today, with a public beta to follow next month.

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Comments (14)

14 responses to “iOS 16 Will Introduce Personalized Lock Screens and More”

  1. iantrem

    So the first 10 minutes of their major developer conference concerned the iPhone lock screen, with 20 seconds devoted to tell developers "With Widgets, you can do things with your apps".

    Not really that developer focussed is it?

    And why use this conference to announce new hardware? "Hey developers, you're behind the times with the kit you build your apps on, that'll be another $2,000+ please!"

    • bhatech

      It’s just a keynote and there are million developer focused sessions through out the week. It don’t see anything wrong with the keynote. Every company does the same including Microsoft, Google etc.

    • rob_segal

      This is just the public-facing keynote. After this, there is a State of the Union presentation which is more detailed and technical.

    • William Clark

      Because developers need to know what the new hardware is and how they might develop for it. Seems pretty obvious to me, and I'm not even a developer.

    • rmlounsbury

      The WWDC keynote has never been developer focused. Apple uses the their state of the union keynote that follows to focus on developer topics.

      I think Paul mentioned it somewhere. But, Apple always uses WWDC to announce new products (just like Google uses their I/O keynote to announce new features and products. Of the big 3 only Microsoft sticks to their developer message with the Build keynote. But Build is all about Azure and Microsoft 365.

      I don't really see any problems with this. Apple has been doing this a long time.

    • Jeffsters

      Agreed! Beleaguered Apple is doomed! Doomed I tell you!

    • wright_is

      The keynotes of most major developer conferences aren't developer orientated. The keynote is the bit where the journalists and the general public are there, they get their soundbites and then go away and everybody goes to the actual conference for the developer keynote (maybe) or the real reason they are there, the lectures and workshops about how to develop for the platform and how to use those new features.

  2. dftf

    While not mentioned in this article here, Ars Technica's article have confirmed that iOS 16 will now require an iPhone 8 or later; or the iPhone SE (2020).

    Support for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and the original iPhone SE (2016), have all been dropped.

    • dftf

      *as no edit feature currently: I should have said: "... or the iPhone SE (2020) or later", as the 2022 SE model will be supported, just to be clear!

    • TomKer

      Will they keep patching iOS 15 on the iPhone 7+?

      • dftf

        From the date when iOS 16 gets released publicly, you should expect around one-year from that date of security-only updates for iOS 15.

        From other sites online, it's also sounding-like iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will see support-dropped in iOS 18 (which should be released in 2024).

    • wright_is

      Interesting that they are dropping 2 generations of iPhone this time round.

      The iPhone 6 was obvious, going in, but that they dropped the 7 as well is more noteworthy. Was the 7 series hardware that close to the 6? Was there something significant about the 8 that means it had new chipset features that are needed going forward and the 7 didn't have?

      • Stabitha.Christie

        It was somewhat out of character that the 6s didn’t get dropped last year. So it hung in there a little longer than some folks expected.

        As for the 8, it has the same processor as the X since they were released the same year. So, it and the X saw the introduction of the “neural engine”. So it’s probably fair to say that ML is the significant thing moving forward.

      • LT1 Z51

        This also is why the iPod got discontinued. It also used the A10 chip. So it looks like A11 was the cutoff and no A10 products would be supported. No reason to make a new iPod just to put in a new chip.

        We should have seen this coming.

        It does seem however for iPads they are supporting all the way back to the A8. Perhaps the iPad can run the newer OS with an older chip due to other functionality (more RAM perhaps?)