Beneath a Surface – Dead Tree Edition Now Available

Posted on December 6, 2018 by Brad Sams in Brad with 11 Comments

Beneath a Surface has been out for a week and I can’t thank everyone enough for their feedback and support. The book has been at the #1 spot in its category since it was released and today I am happy to report that the physical version is now available.

Kindle | Physical | DRM-Free ePub

If you pre-ordered a copy of the book, you should have an email regarding its arrival. In short, if you are in the US, it should be there by the end of next week, and if you are outside the US, it will arrive before Christmas. Most of you should be seeing it next week but there were a few orders from Australia that will skew the average delivery times out a couple of days.

We have heard from many of you would like this as an audiobook. This will be happening but will take a little bit of time. It will not be Paul or me reading it, we are going to outsource this production as creating an audiobook is significantly more work than we want to undertake and distribution is another hurdle as well.



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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Beneath a Surface – Dead Tree Edition Now Available”

  1. eeisner

    Brad - quick tip (as managing Amazon accounts is my line of work).... I don't know who is managing your listing, but I'd figure out how to variate/merge your Kindle listing and your paperback listing into one "parent" page. I don't manage any authors listings, but I'd assume the process is similar for any traditional vendors/sellers. That way reviews, ratings, sales numbers, search relevancy, etc etc apply to both listings. Compare your two separate pages with this random book I pulled up, or this Harry Potter book. See how you can access Kindle, Paperback, audible, etc etc from the same page?

    Congrats on getting the book out, though! Will be ordering a copy shortly.

  2. matey

    Will the physical copy be sold through international Amazon websites? Right now, there is a third party marketplace seller that jacked the price on

  3. lvthunder

    In my mind saying dead tree version makes you sound like an elitist hipster.

    That's good news about the audiobook.

  4. factoryoptimizr

    Is an audiobook version in the plan?

  5. brettscoast

    Well done Brad have ordered a physical copy of the book as well.