Microsoft Working on Photos Companion App for Android and iOS

Posted on November 29, 2017 by Mehedi Hassan in Cloud, Microsoft Consumer Services, Mobile, iOS, Android, Windows, Windows 10 with 10 Comments

Windows 10’s Microsoft Photos app is set to get a major upgrade soon. As Microsoft promised back at Build, the company will be releasing a companion app for Microsoft Photos in the future. And that app is almost here.

In an internal version of the Microsoft Photos app, the company now lets users import pictures from their mobile device using the Photos Companion app. The feature works over Wi-Fi, which means both your Windows 10 computer and your mobile device will need to be connected to the same network. It’s not clear whether the app will let you view photos from OneDrive on your phone, though.

In addition to the companion app for Microsoft Photos, Redmond is also working on expanding the features of Story Remix, reports Italian blog Aggiornamenti Lumia. The company is experimenting with the ability to add stickers to videos made with Story Remix, and it’ll likely offer some sort of marketplace where users can get stickers for different stickers like games, movies, etc.

While the Photos Companion app will be a very welcome addition to the Microsoft Photos app, the feature just expands the fragmentation Microsoft has somehow managed to create with these new cross-device experiences for Android and iOS. For one, the Continue on PC and Microsoft Launcher apps already use OneDrive to transfer photos from your phone to your PC. There’s also a Near Share feature coming with Windows 10 Redstone 4 that lets you transfer content between PCs, but not to your phones. Lastly, the Microsoft Photos lets you sync photos between your PC and phone via OneDrive as well.

And the upcoming Photos Companion is effectively another implementation of Near Share, but specifically built for the Photos app and with the ability to work with mobile devices. Put simply, Microsoft really needs to get rid of this fragmentation with an upgraded Near Share feature and a “central” companion app that users can use to transfer all kinds of content between their Windows 10 devices, Android, and iPhone. In other words, they need to make an Apple AirDrop clone, but for Windows 10.

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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Microsoft Working on Photos Companion App for Android and iOS”

  1. wolters

    This is great since I use OneDrive as my primary photo backup. I do like Google Photos but it would be nice just to have everything in one spot.

    • IanYates82

      In reply to wolters:

      Use both. I put the full high quality photos and videos in OneDrive, but also take advantage of Google's unlimited photo storage at imperceptibly lower quality. Also, Google photo assistant, with its automatic movies, etc, is pretty amazing!

      Google photos will blend your cloud photos with your phone, plus you can do a bulk upload from your PC, and you can have photos f

      taken by your family also end up in Google photos automatically.

  2. daveevad

    My hope was/is that this would be like the Photos app from Win10 mobile. After a month back on Android, it's the only thing that I truly miss. I need a photo viewer that looks at the local camera storage as well as the photos stored in OneDrive. Based on your description in the article, this doesn't seem to be that. Fingers crossed, they port the Photos app to Android someday soon.

  3. Bart

    Maybe MS is throwing 'mud' against the wall and sees what sticks (app wise). Then build it out from there.

    Basically the Google approach to launching new apps/services

  4. Ron F

    I would rather have Microsoft improving the Windows photo service, as is far behind Apple and Google's counterparts. There is a lot of work to be placed in that app, but, at least, facial recognition (with names) and manual geotagging are urgent.

  5. Mark from CO

    Here here!!!

    Mark for CO

  6. Mark from CO

    PS - Enjoy your articles. Thank you.

    Mark from CO

  7. maethorechannen

    Maybe OneDrive should be added to next year's Microsoft product dead pool.

  8. Curtmcgirt

    "Lastly, the Microsoft Photos lets you sync photos between your PC and phone via OneDrive as well."

    What? Who? Where?