Tweeten 4.4 Adds Responsive Design, More

Posted on April 8, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud with 23 Comments

Tweeten 4.4 Adds Responsive Design, More

Mehedi has released a major update to his Twitter client, Tweeten, adding a responsive design, an improved Always On Top display mode, better support for multiple displays, more customization options, and more.

Designed as a superset of TweetDeck, one with none of that product’s limits, Tweeten features a familiar multi-column user interface. It also auto-refreshes as new tweets arrive, a major advantage over the official Twitter client. It has long supported granular customization controls, GIF search and downloads, video downloads, and even native OS features like Touch Bar support on the Mac.

New to version 4.4, Tweeten adds the following new features:

Responsive design. Now, when you resize Tweeten into a thinner window, the layout automatically adjusts so that controls are never cut off from the view. And you can, of course, use it in a single column view (as I do, and as the official Twitter app works).

Always On Top. This display mode ensures that Tweeten remains on top of other windows as you work, so you can keep it off to the side and still keep up on the latest developments.

Columns improvements. Tweeten 4.4 now Twitter profile pictures in each of its columns, though you can, of course, customize this display to your liking.

Improved multi-monitor support. Now, when you disconnect a second display, Tweeten will automatically reposition itself so you can always see it.

But wait, there’s more. There are tons of other tweaks, including a new, TweetDeck-like squared-off look and feel, and a more responsive Settings window that will also reposition itself if it is off-screen or otherwise partially cut-off.

You can download Tweeten for free from the Tweeten website or, if you have Windows 10, from the Microsoft Store. Versions are also available for macOSChrome, and Firefox. Note that you will need to bypass SmartScreen if you install the Windows desktop version.


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