X Twitter logo

X/Twitter Adds Support for Passkeys for US-Based iOS Users

X/Twitter users in the US can now use passkeys as a new secure way to…

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Twitter/X Launches Audio and Video Calls on Android

X has started rolling out support for audio and video calls on Android following a…

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Twitter/X Backtracks From Hiding Headlines on Link Previews

X/Twitter is bringing back headlines on link previews, though there's a twist. Text is smaller…

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EU Commission is Investigating X/Twitter Over Digital Service Act Violations

The European Commission announced today that it’s launching an investigation to determine if Twitter/X failed…

PlayStation Twitter integration

Sony is Discontinuing Twitter/X Integration on PS4 and PS5

Sony is discontinuing the Twitter/X integration on PS4 and PS5 consoles that allowed gamers to…

X Premium

X Launches New Basic and Premium+ Tiers

X/Twitter introduced two new Basic and Premium+ subscription tiers last week that start at $3/month…

X Twitter logo

Twitter/X Starts Rolling Out Audio and Video Calls

Twitter/X has started rolling out support for audio and video calls, something that Elon Musk…

X Premium

Elon Musk Details the Two New X Premium Tiers Coming Soon

Elon Musk confirmed today two new X Premium tiers will launch soon, a cheaper one…

X Twitter logo

X/Twitter Tests Charging New Users $1/Year for Posting

A new X/Twitter experiment in New Zealand and the Philippines will require new users to…

X game Streaming

Elon Musk Says X Will Support Video Game Streaming on PC, PS5, and Xbox

In his quest to transform X/Twitter into an “everything app”, Elon Musk announced that the…

X Twitter logo

Twitter/X May Introduce Three Different Subscription Tiers

X/Twitter is reportedly testing three different subscription tiers to attract more users who may not…

Twitter X Logo

Twitter/X Starts Hiding Headlines From Article Links in Posts

X, the social network formerly known as Twitter, has started removing headlines from articles shared…

Twitter X Logo

Elon Musk Suggests Putting X Behind a Paywall to Keep Bots Away

Elon Musk hinted yesterday that X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, may soon go…

Twitter X Logo

Elon Musk Says Video and Audio Calls Are Coming to X

X/Twitter is planning to add support for audio and video calls, according to Elon Musk.

X Hiring

X/Twitter Launches Hiring Platform in Private Beta

As part of its ongoing transformation into an "everything app," X now aims to compete…

Twitter X Block

Elon Musk Says X Will Remove Blocking Feature Except for DMs

Elon Musk said today that he wants to remove the ability to block people on…

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