Casper Mattress Mini-Review

Posted on July 9, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud with 26 Comments

It’s weird how you can put up with something horrible for months, even years, at a time. And so it was with our previous mattress, which was acquired at a fundraiser at my kids’ high school in Dedham two or three years back.

Our previous mattress to that had gotten soft and lumpy over 15 years or so. But the fundraiser mattress was a disaster from the get-go. We had to have the first one replaced by the manufacturer when the springs collapsed almost immediately. But its replacement got even worse over time. So naturally we held onto it. And then moved it to Pennsylvania. And then used it for another year.

I can’t explain this.

Anyway. We had friends over last weekend and after yet another terrible night’s sleep, we were talking about the mattress issue over lunch and I decided to just buy a Casper. Which I then did. From my phone. What an age we live in.

Yes, there are a lot of Casper-like mattresses out there: After all, no good idea goes uncopied. But we decided to stick with Casper because we’ve had good experiences with their mattresses, and with their pillows as well.

Full-disclosure: Years ago, Casper did send me a mattress when they were advertising with Windows Weekly, and it’s still on my son’s bed. But we’ve since purchased several items from the company, including a mattress for my daughter, several pillows and pillow covers of various sizes, mattress covers, and sheets. We legitimately like the mattresses and are now repeat customers.

When my daughter got her Casper mattress a year or two ago, she initially complained that it was too hard. My wife asked her to keep using it, since there is a good return policy. And after a few days, my daughter said she was growing to like it. And so we kept it.

Anyway, Casper currently makes three mattress models. I bought the middle of the line “The Casper” model, which is about $1000 in king size (non-sale) form. There’s a less expensive model, “The Essential,” and a new higher-end version, “The Wave.” The higher-end model was far too expensive for us (~$2500) and because it was rated identically to The Casper on Consumer Reports, whose reviews I trust, I felt comfortable going with the middle option.

The mattress arrived Thursday via UPS. And it’s fair to say that this was a package I was eagerly awaiting: I sleep terribly, and those rare mornings where I wake up refreshed are greatly appreciated. As with our previous Caspers, this one came rolled up inside a big box, but this one was even bigger because it’s a king sized mattress.

Which made getting it upstairs a bit laborious. That said, it’s still a lot easier than moving a gigantic normal mattress around. And I’m now dreading today’s job, which is moving the old mattress out to the trash.

In any event, unpacking a Casper mattress works a bit like inflating a life raft. You take it out of the box, place it on the box spring of the bed, unroll it, and then, in this case, unfold it too. Then, as you remove the plastic from the now-flat thing in the box, air starts to hiss and the mattress seems to inflate in place. Or rise, like bread. Within a few seconds, it was full-sized.

And … I was immediately surprised by how springy and soft it was, especially given our previous Casper experience. Convinced that it needed time or something, we left it up there on the bed and went about our days. But the mattress never got any firmer, and by the time we were ready for bed, I was nervous that we’d have a return on our hands.

Surprise: We both slept great, and the soft mattress creates a kind of memory foam-like mold around you when you are sleeping. By my second night on the new mattress, I had achieved something I’d only achieved three times since last August, according to FitBit: I actually slept over 8 hours (I normally average under 7) and, far more important, it was uninterrupted sleep: I normally toss and turn, and move around, a lot. But I woke up the next morning, lying on my back, and with no desire to move around at all. Folks, this literally never happens to me.

So that’s interesting.

I’ll need more time to thoroughly understand how this mattress will impact the quality of my sleep. But it’s already markedly better than our previous mattress, which, yes, is a low bar. And my wife and I have both quickly adapted to the Casper’s softness after our initial concern. It’s already normal, even preferred.

So let me know if you have any questions. This isn’t a normal review by any measure, and I don’t really have a way (or a will) to compare the Casper to other similar online mattress offerings. But I’m quite happy with the purchase. And can recommend it from the perspective of someone who has put up with poor sleep quality for too long.


Note: Again, just to be clear: Yes, Casper has advertised on Windows Weekly in the past, and on What the Tech more recently. But I paid for this mattress with my own money and did not use a promo code for one of my own podcasts. We purchased this product because we really did need a new mattress and we had had good experiences with Casper in the past.

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Comments (26)

26 responses to “Casper Mattress Mini-Review”

  1. Jaxidian

    I've actually been looking at this. On the chance that I do buy one, do you have a referral code of sorts to share?

  2. KingPCGeek

    My concern about all of the foam based mattresses is how hot they sleep. I live in the Phoenix area, bedroom on the second floor. I never set my AC below 77 and sleep fine on an innerspring mattress. I tried a memory foam topper one time and had to throw it away because of the sweating.

    • Jeff_S

      In reply to KingPCGeek:

      I purchased a Tuft & Needle mattress, and live in downtown PHX. It sleeps very cool, I think.

      It's also locally made and based which is a plus.

      The mattress is a bit firm, but I prefer that. Go to their store and check them out. The pillows are great too!

    • tdemerse

      In reply to KingPCGeek:

      Mine sleeps very cool. It is silicone gel infused fabric which wicks away the heat apparently. I'd say that that is the real hit feature of it as I also can't handle sleeping when hot.

    • colin79666

      In reply to KingPCGeek:
      It has been 80 indoors in these parts (Southern Scotland) for weeks now due to a mini heatwave and I'm pleasantly surprise with the Casper (which I bought last year with the WW promo). My previous memory foam mattress was horrible in the peak of summer but the Casper seems to dissipate the heat much better. I still get hot but never wake up ringing in sweat.
      I'm not sure about the pillows however and opted for the Eve this week as it is foam based and I prefer a firmer pillow.

  3. MacLiam

    Thank you for this. I am considering a new mattress and have been wondering about the Casper ever since I learned about it from Andrew's pitches on Windows Weekly some years ago. I have been a hard foam or floor sleeper for over 40 years. I have almost ordered a Casper on several occasions, but turned away from a final decision in light of review comments like "not as hard as you might expect."

    I'm rethinking. Please post a followup a few weeks down the line.

    Also, please post a keto diet followup. I jumped on your initial post in December and lost 40 pounds in four months. I'm diabetic, and my A1G glucose measurement went from eight-something to 5.1 (asymptomatic, in my judgment). In the last couple of months I have been allowing myself to eat more carbs, and I'm 10-12 pounds up from my low while my morning glucose has jumped to the 140-150 range. I need to recommit.

  4. mrdrwest

    But, Purple's commercials are really funny ...and scientific.

  5. PStansberry78

    I've had a Casper for nearly two years now. I was initially VERY happy with it, as you are. And I hope you remain happy with it over time. However, at this point wish I'd bought the Purple mattress.

    My issue with the Casper is that, though it's likely in my head, it seems firmer two years later than when I first got it. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it. It's likely me that has changed. But for what it's worth, I like it less now than I did in the first few months I had it.

    My wife still likes it fine.


  6. hrlngrv

    The big question is what it'll be like in 1 or 2 years.

  7. ReformedCtrlZ

    I bought mine several months ago and it's hands down the best money I've ever spent on myself. It definitely took me a few days to get used to sleeping in it, especially after years of the horrible mattress I had before, but I sleep like a baby every night now and for the first time in a long time I found myself not tossing and turning in my sleep at all most times.

  8. dougkinzinger

    Been genuinely thinking about a Casper for a while now. Just might pull the trigger. Even though it doesn't contain any electronics, it certainly qualifies as "home tech" - it's space age foam after all! - so I'm glad you thought to write an article about it.

  9. tdemerse

    I bought a casper based on the ad that ran on either WW or WTT and I love it. It is not a "soft" mattress, but I have always slept very poorly and the support appears to be what I needed. That being said, my SO didn't like the firmness so now it has a topper which in my mind spoils it a bit.

  10. PeteB

    No substitute for a Tempur Pedic - one of the best investments I ever made.

  11. jwpear

    Paul, I'm interested in a follow up, longer-term review, say in a month. Would like to know if your sleep quality improvement continues.

    And if you're up to it, maybe something in 6-12 months to comment on how well the foam has held up. I've been reluctant to go with foam due to my size and bad experiences sleeping on a foam mattress at a relative's house.

    I too have sleep issues. I have sleep apnea, which is treated, but I still toss and turn each night. Our current mattress is five years old. My wife and I have been talking about getting something else.

  12. rancoras

    Our biggest complaint is that I disturb my wife when I move. How is movement transfer with the Casper?

  13. Harrymyhre

    1) does it breathe well? I.e. free flowing air

    2) do you notice any odor from the foam?

  14. dcdevito

    My wife and I chose a Leesa mattress, because of online reviews being better than Casper. Needless to say after just 18 months we now have divots on both sides of the mattress. It's a comfortable mattress but I find getting out of it first thing in the morning to be surprisingly difficult. It has a longer warranty than Casper (another reason we went with it) and I'm confident we're going to have it replaced within 2 years.

  15. chrishilton1

    I bought a SilentNight one on Amazon during Black Friday here in the UK for just over £150 and it does the same job, just costs much less.

  16. cheetahdriver

    Very nice review. I have used several memory foam mattresses in the past and have wavered between the (IMO) overpriced Temperpedic and the no name units on Amazon. Knowing a good brand to stay with is always a good deal. Thanks,

  17. madthinus

    I so wish they take their products international. Would love one. Paul, you should put this under "What I use"

  18. the_writing_critic

    I'm curious what you think about the Casper sheets.

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