Firefox Experiments With New Built-In Price Tracking Experience

Posted on November 12, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Cloud with 2 Comments

Firefox is testing a new feature for its browser that will help you get the best deal out of your next online purchase. The company is testing a new feature, called PriceWise, which simply tracks prices for products that you are interested in buying.

The idea of the feature is pretty simple, and it’s definitely not anything new: when you are looking around for products, you can simply add them to your list for PriceWise to track, and once there’s a price drop, you will get notified by the browser.

The feature is currently only available in the United States and only works for some of the major online retailers like Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Walmart, and The Home Depot. It’s only an experiment for now, and if users love it, the feature will likely make its way to the Firefox browser itself. You can check it out here.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Firefox Experiments With New Built-In Price Tracking Experience”

  1. wright_is

    Ah, US only, so Mozilla is also turning into another Microsoft then?

  2. glassman1234


    I believe this experiment is US only, but when (or if) it went live, it would likely encompass both US and Europe. Mozilla is certainly not like Microsoft in regard. The only caveat I can think of is that the merchants Mozilla is currently targeting are "generally" US only, so that might be what ultimately limits it's worldwide appeal.