Firefox Relay

Firefox Relay to Improve Privacy With In-Browser Email Masks

Firefox Relay, the browser extension that can mask your email while browsing online will soon…

Firefox Turns On Total Cookie Protection by Default

Mozilla is rolling out today Total Cookie Protection by default for all Firefox users on…

Mozilla Might Soon Offer a Subscription Service for Firefox

Mozilla is looking to introduce new premium tiers for existing Firefox features like VPN as…

Firefox Is Now Faster Than Ever Before

Mozilla changes things up on Firefox to help it run faster than ever before.

Mozilla Releases Preview of New Firefox Browser for Android Devices

Mozilla is looking to replace the Firefox for Android browser with a new browser, and…

Firefox for Windows 10 ARM is Ready for Testing

Firefox has a new beta that runs on Windows 10 ARM laptops and it will…


It’s the Web Browser, Stupid (Premium)

In evaluating Windows 10 on ARM again thanks to the Snapdragon 850-based Lenovo Yoga C630,…

Firefox 64 Brings Improved Tab Management, Native Sharing on Windows 10

Mozilla releases new Firefox update with improved performance management, tab management, and more.


Game Over for Firefox? (Premium)

Microsoft's belated adoption of Chromium is great news for everybody. Well. Almost everybody. There is one…

Firefox Experiments With New Built-In Price Tracking Experience

Firefox tests a new feature that will let you automatically track price drops across major…

Firefox 63 Introduces Enhanced Tracking Protection

Mozilla today released Firefox 63 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS, offering a new Enhanced…

Firefox Gets Variable Fonts, Automatic Dark Theme on macOS

Mozilla's web browser joins Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome in supporting CSS Variable Fonts.

Opera Claims Performance Gains Over Firefox Quantum

Opera Claims Performance Gains Over Firefox Quantum

Less than three months after the initial release of Firefox Quantum, Opera is claiming that…

Thinking About Web Browsers and Stickiness

Thinking About Web Browsers and Stickiness (Premium)

After an interesting experiment this weekend, I might be returning to Google Chrome. But whatever…

PWA Support is Coming to Firefox for Android

PWA Support is Coming to Firefox for Android

Firefox 58 for Android will bring support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Here's an early…


That Time My Name Appeared in a Firefox Ad (Premium)

When Mozilla launched Firefox 1.0 in 2004, it took out a two-page ad in the…

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