Microsoft Teams Gains Outlook Sharing, Chat Improvements

Posted on February 28, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Cloud, Microsoft 365 with 10 Comments

Microsoft rolls out new features and updates to its Teams service on a regular basis, and this month the company has been rolling out a number of new features and improvements for Teams users.

Today, Microsoft detailed the new features and improvements that were added to Teams throughout the month of February. The main new feature is support for Outlook sharing.

Microsoft announced Outlook integration for Teams before, and it’s now available for users. The new integration allows users to share emails from Outlook to Microsoft Teams conversations, and vice-versa, allowing users to share conversations from Teams to an Outlook email. The sharing feature will share the content of the message/email, as well as any attachments.

The new update also includes a number of updates to the chat experience in Teams. The service now lets you mention anyone part of a specific tag within conversations easily — so for example, if you have a tag for all the software engineers in a team, you can simply mention all the people in that tag, much like how you would simply mention someone by their username.

Microsoft says the new file experience in Teams that’s powered by SharePoint is also now generally available to all users worldwide. The live captions feature for calling is now generally available as well. There are a number of other new features for IT admins, as well as a new Power BI tab — so make sure to check out the full list of updates here.  

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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Microsoft Teams Gains Outlook Sharing, Chat Improvements”

  1. red77star

    I find Teams disrupting my work load, don't find it any useful.

  2. hack-o-holic

    Now if ony they would stop adding new stuff and go back and recreate the P.O.S. user interface... I have implemented Teams at work and we are using it to manage all our Customer orders as well as allow us to be completely paperless for our filing. I find Teams has unlimited potential to help productivity, however it is the most limiting UI I've ever seen. It needs to be reworked into a technology meant for computers. The Electron app is unbelievably bad and so horrible, to use and lacking in the most basic features Windows users have been used to for the last 25 years.

    • nerdile

      In reply to hack-o-holic:

      I'm hoping the downvotes are due to the tone and not the content. Teams is really held back by only having one window that can only do one thing at a time. For a tool that purports to centralize productivity, it's frustratingly inhibitive.

  3. behindmyscreen

    I love teams! It pulls all the collaboration tools that Microsoft makes into one easy to manage and administer place.

  4. robinwilson16

    We have Teams at work but then we also have shared email accounts, Skype for Business for phone and chat (which I believe is being merged into Teams eventually), email and folder shares and I also built a Helpdesk on SharePoint.

    It would be good to know how I could usefully use this without it being just one more thing to check to add to everything else. I do use it for personal team member documents but that's about it currently.

  5. anoldamigauser

    So a file attached to an email is now attached to a message thread. People will download it and modify it locally, and either email it or post it back in a different message in the thread. Which version is good? It should take the attachments and put them in the Files tab, which goes back to the General folder in the Team SharePoint site, and link it from there in the message. Then everyone is pointing to the same file when they comment or update.

  6. TDowns

    I'm not seeing this as available. Is there some secret to turning it on?