Google Extends an Olive Branch to News Organizations

Posted on June 25, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud, Google with 4 Comments

Under fire for scraping stories from news organizations and republishing them in its own service, Google now says it will pay for news.

“A vibrant news industry matters, perhaps now more than ever, as people look for information they can count on in the midst of a global pandemic and growing concerns about racial injustice around the world,” Google’ Brad Bender writes. “But these events are happening at a time when the news industry is also being challenged financially. We care deeply about providing access to information and supporting the publishers who report on these important topics.”

Google is creating a new licensing program by which it will pay news organizations for “high-quality content” that will appear in a new news experience that it will launch later this year. This suggests that Google will soon offer a paid, premium version of Google News that is similar to Apple’s News+ offering. The firm says it has already made partnerships with local and national publications in Germany, Australia[,] and Brazil, and is working towards many more around the globe.

When possible, Google says it will also offer to pay for free access for users to read paywalled articles on publishers’ sites, paving the way for subscription news services like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times to participate. “This will let paywalled publishers grow their audiences and open an opportunity for people to read content they might not ordinarily see,” the firm says.

“We’re committed to playing our part to support news businesses,” Bender concludes. “Today’s undertaking exemplifies that, and we look forward to what we can all achieve together.”

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