After 7 Years in Beta, Google Domains Goes Live

Posted on March 15, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud, Google with 8 Comments

Google announced today that Google Domains has exited beta and is now available in 26 countries worldwide. The service has been in beta since 2015. Yes, really.

“Building your online presence starts with a domain. It’s your online address, your home on the web, and it should be simple to get started,” Google’s Lorenzo Baloci writes. “With millions of active registrations, we know how valuable domain names are to customers, and we take seriously the responsibility to provide a service that’s often at the very heart of a business, brand, or passion.”

To celebrate this milestone, Google is offering 20 percent off any single domain registration or transfer for new and existing customers, through April 15. Just use the code DOMAINS20 at purchase time.

You can learn more at Google Domains.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “After 7 Years in Beta, Google Domains Goes Live”

  1. Evil_Overlord

    Why, exactly, would I rely on a Google product for anything a sensitive as a domain? The service will no doubt be canceled without notice. Sure, I'd be able to move to a different registrar, but why deal with the hassle?

  2. bats

    It's a paid service. Google doesn't cancel paid services. LOL....especially one that has been around for 7 years.

    • rm

      Are you sure? I mean it took them 7 years to decide to release the product offically. It wouldn't take that long if they were sure about the product. They cannot undo the damage caused to the product now.

  3. scovious

    Now I can help fulfill my lifelong dream of making the world's largest advertising company even bigger.

  4. spullum

    Yeah I wouldn’t use this service due to the reputation of closing many apps people rely on. Plenty of other registrars who are more into it and provide good and reliable service.

  5. ikaazu

    I’ve used them for several years. I’ve never had a problem. I did worry that they might shut down but I’ve used other registrars and could go back. Don’t think this service will be though.

  6. melinau

    Why should I want to trust a company whose entire existence is predicated on data collection & Advertising? Why even contemplate adding more eggs to my Google "basket"?

    I'll stick with trying to find the best providers for each of my requirements & reduce dependency on any single one.

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