DuckDuckGo Blocks Google AMP Too

Posted on April 19, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud, Mobile, Web browsers with 4 Comments

It’s not just Brave: DuckDuckGo announced today that it too is blocking Google AMP in its mobile apps and browser extensions.

“AMP technology is bad for privacy because it enables Google to track users even more (which is already a ton),” a DuckDuckGo representative told me. “Google also uses AMP to further entrench its monopoly, forcing the technology on publishers by prioritizing AMP links in search and favoring Google ads on AMP pages.”

DuckDuckGo also tweeted out the news:

“Our apps and extensions now protect against Google AMP tracking. When you load or share a Google AMP page anywhere from DuckDuckGo apps (iOS/Android/Mac) or extensions (Firefox/Chrome), the original publisher’s webpage will be used in place of the Google AMP version.”

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “DuckDuckGo Blocks Google AMP Too”

  1. dftf

    So only Firefox and Vivaldi left to declare now then...

    (Knowing Microsoft they'll likely go in the opposite direction and add a "When I click a news-article link on a Google site, open that same article in the Microsoft News app instead"!)

  2. red.radar

    Good moves. AMP is annoying and really Doesn’t ad value to the end user.

    However, couldn’t you just use another search engine ? The parity between search engine results is diminishing, I believe there are credible alternatives to Google emerging

  3. Piyer

    if only.... penny wise Microsoft had followed the DuckDuckGo route, not only would it reflect well on MS, but would have gained more market share!

    Sadly, the bean counters and the no clue windows design team will make sure that windows o/s will reach diminishing market share.

  4. violajones

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