Report: Microsoft Has Started Testing Casual Games in Teams

Posted on June 14, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Cloud, Microsoft 365, Games with 16 Comments

Microsoft could be planning to bring games to Microsoft Teams. According to a report from The Verge, the company has started testing casual games in Teams internally, imagining scenarios where these games could be used to lighten the atmosphere during video calls.

“Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that the software maker has started testing games like Solitaire, Connect 4, and Wordament inside Microsoft Teams. The casual games are designed to allow colleagues to play against each other during meetings,” The Verge wrote.

The report also says that Microsoft sees games playing a larger role in Teams in the future, especially now that the company continues to work on its own version of the metaverse. “Alongside testing casual games in Teams, Microsoft also envisions virtual spaces inside Teams where colleagues can network and socialize with games,” the report reads.

Microsoft declined to comment on The Verge’s report, and it’s possible that games in Teams won’t go beyond the internal testing phase. Despite Microsoft doing work to make Teams use fewer resources, the app is known to be a notorious battery hog, and it’s possible that adding games to the app may not improve things on that front.

Of course, you may also argue that games may be an unnecessary distraction in an app that’s already trying to do so many different things. However, after Zoom recently introduced 3D animal avatars to use in meetings, maybe the idea of playing Solitaire during a meeting isn’t actually that bad.

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Comments (16)

16 responses to “Report: Microsoft Has Started Testing Casual Games in Teams”

  1. anoldamigauser

    This will certainly improve productivity.

  2. navarac

    Microsoft has really lost their marbles and let the children out to play with a serious OS. They need to buy Fisher-Price to close the loop.

  3. SvenJ

    'The casual games are designed to allow colleagues to play against each other during meetings,' Seriously? If there is time for that, maybe the meeting wasn't needed.

    • SvenJ

      P.S. "maybe the idea of playing Solitaire during a meeting isn’t actually that bad." I can already do that since I can have multiple Windows, in Windows. Wouldn't want that journaled in the TEAMS log. BOB has joined the meeting. John has started playing solitaire.

    • lvthunder

      It depends on the purpose of the meeting. If the meeting is a team-building experience then games are fine. There is also the Teams Consumer that is on every Windows 11 computer as well. It could be built for that.

    • wright_is

      Exactly. Heck, we have to use video, when we are in meetings, to prove we are paying attention, and the meetings are kept as short as possible.

      We are in the middle of a go-live for our new ERP system at the moment and I am doing support in home office, we generally have a 30 minute kickoff meeting and a wrap-up meeting on the last day, with a few ad-hoc meetings during the go-live, if there are any big issues.

      For the first site, we had a total of 2 hours of meetings in the go-live week. The second, 20 minutes, the third was the site closest to my home, so I was on site for that, but spent about 2 hours in total in meetings over 3 days. Currently the last site is going live and so far, less than 10 minutes of Teans meetings.

  4. rob_segal

    Games in iMessage or other consumer messaging services make sense. Games in Teams is strange and unnecessary. Teams need more optimizations and UX improvements. The Apple Silicon universal version needs to be completed and released to everyone on Mac, too.

  5. SherlockHolmes

    lol. Enough said.

  6. matsan

    I bet a Teams-version of FarmVille will be ready by launch at great fanfare:

    "Co-op with your colleagues in a new fun and engaging way! Who said agile meetings have to be boring? With FarmVille for Teams(TM) you can let your creativity and ideas Grow. Be sure to check out the huge selections of in-game purchases in the completely re-imagined Microsoft Store!"

    Personally I'd would just love being able to switch between multiple Teams environments, similar to what Slack has, but I guess that's not a top priority. Microsoft sure is steering away from productivity and business in a world where there are no viable alternatives for their professional users.

  7. SherlockHolmes

    I think this can be very funny when you play an ego shooter during a meeting and the CEO thinks shooting at people is directed at him .....

  8. jhoersch

    Definitely makes sense for consumers. MSN Messenger had games built in, and apparently Skype did too at one point.

  9. GarethB

    Maybe they're thinking of a VR Porn game?

    Too Soon?

    • anoldamigauser

      That would be NSFW, so, no...

      Microsoft will only support more appropriate forms of dicking around at work in the Teams app.

  10. Brian Hodges

    Corporate IT departments will ban this before the update finishes loading.