Grammarly Introduces Tone Rewrite Suggestions

Posted on October 25, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud with 3 Comments

Grammarly today announced that it has added tone rewrite suggestions to the Premium version of its best-in-class real-time writing assistant.

“As teams work across more locations, time zones, and systems, the need to reimagine effective communication and the importance of emotional connection in the workplace has never been more critical,” Grammarly head of product Rahul Roy-Chowdhury says. “When working asynchronously and in digital formats, the right tone can help make up for the lack of body language and in-person cues that previously guided so many of our workplace interactions. Grammarly’s new tone rewrite suggestions empower individuals and teams with the confidence their communication is well-received so they can build more productive relationships—marking another milestone in our mission to improve lives by improving communication.”

Tone rewrite suggestions is an extension of the existing Grammarly tone detector. It’s powered by AI, and it helps Grammarly Premium users ensure their writing tone is positive, confident, or personable, the firm says, and the feature offers alternative suggestions to rewrite entire sentences. It offers three types of suggestions: positive reframing, confidence, and personable.

Grammarly is available in English for Windows and Mac, iPad, and web browsers via an extension, and the firm also offers a Grammarly Editor and a Grammarly Keyboard for Android and iPhone. There are free, Premium, Business, Education, and Developer versions of its service. I use and rely on Grammarly every day, and recommend it strongly. You can learn more at the Grammarly website.

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