Twitter Blue US Subscribers Can Now Write Tweets With Up to 4,000 Characters

Twitter Blue subscribers in the US can now create longer tweets with up to 4,000 characters. This is a feature that Twitter CEO Elon Musk had previously teased, and the company believes that longer tweets will more convenient than writing and reading long threads of tweets limited to 280 characters.

In the announcement, the company emphasized that “Twitter is still Twitter.” Users won’t have to scroll the entirety of longer tweets in their feeds, which would be quite cumbersome, especially on mobile. “They’ll be capped at 280 characters on your timeline and you’ll see a “Show more” prompt to click and read the whole Tweet,” Twitter explained.

Longer tweets can still include images, hashtags, and polls, and all Twitter users can reply to them, quote them, or retweet them. If you’re a Twitter Blue subscriber, you’ll also be able to reply and quote a longer tweet and write up to 4,000 characters.

It remains to be seen if longer tweets are going to be the killer feature that will convince more Twitter users to Twitter Blue. According to a recent report from the Information, Twitter only had 290,000 subscribers as of mid-January.

In the US, Twitter Blue currently costs $8/month if you subscribe on the web or $11 if you subscribe via the App Store or the Google Play Store. Following an expansion to Japan, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the UK earlier this month, Techcrunch is reporting that Twitter Blue is now available in India, Indonesia, and Brazil.

Yesterday, many Twitter users experienced issues when trying to publish tweets or follow other users. Elon Musk tweeted that the platform was experiencing “multiple internal & external issues simultaneously,” but the situation should now be going back to normal.

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