Master 365: Get 6 TB of OneDrive Storage for $100 Per Year (Premium)


Office 365 Home---soon to be renamed as Microsoft 365 Family---is aimed at families, but it has one major advantage for individuals who need tons of online storage: If you don’t mind managing multiple Microsoft accounts (MSAs), you can effectively pool the 1 TB of OneDrive storage that each user in the subscription gets. And that means you can personally access up to 6 TB of OneDrive storage, all by yourself.

But this method isn’t just for individuals: Even if you subscribe to Office 365 Home and provide its benefits to your family members, there may be a few slots still open for you to use yourself, since this subscription supports up to 6 users. In my case, I have three other family members, so I could theoretically access up to 3 TB of OneDrive storage personally if I had the need (using my account plus two secondary MSAs).

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