Microsoft Teams Now Has Over 115 Million Active Users

Posted on October 28, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft 365 with 2 Comments

During its post-earnings conference call last night, Microsoft revealed that Teams now has over 115 million active daily users (DAUs), up from 75 million in early May.

“Microsoft 365 is the comprehensive suite of productivity apps and experiences people use and rely on every day,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said during his opening statement on the call. “Teams now has more than 115 million daily active users. We are seeing increased usage intensity as people communicate, collaborate, and co-author content across work, life, and learning. All up, Microsoft 365 users generated more than 30 billion collaboration minutes in a single day this quarter.”

Microsoft Teams had previously crossed the 20 million DAU milestone in November 2019, ahead of the pandemic. And then it hit 44 million DAUs right at the start of the pandemic in March.

What’s interesting about Teams usage, of course, is that most of it will be persistent past the pandemic, unlike other products and services—like Windows, Surface and PC sales, and Xbox—that are seeing temporary bumps because of COVID-19. As Microsoft has said, and I’ve heard from its customers, companies that adopt and start using Teams will keep using Teams even if things completely go back to normal.

Microsoft also noted during the call that it’s seeing “momentum in every industry.” About 270,000 educational institutions are now using Teams to power remote learning and improve learning outcomes, the firm said. And the NBA and NFL are using Teams to “reimagine” the gameday experience for fans. And PepsiCo will deploy Microsoft 365 and Teams to its 270,000 employees worldwide, the firm announced.

Note: The post originally used and erroneously the term “monthly active users,” or MAUs. But I’ve corrected it to read “daily active users,” or DAUs. –Paul

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3 responses to “Microsoft Teams Now Has Over 115 Million Active Users”

  1. davidpaquette

    First paragraph says monthly active users but the quote from the earnings call says daily active users.

  2. Chris_Kez

    Forget those user numbers, I am blown away by the team on that call! Not a single crappy webcam, and they've all nailed their lighting; and how about the diversity of people and locations? These guys and gals rock!

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