Microsoft Hit With Authentication Issue, Many Users Were Locked Out of Accounts

Posted on March 7, 2017 by Brad Sams in Microsoft Consumer Services with 20 Comments

If you are trying to login to your Microsoft account today and are being told your password is incorrect, it can’t find your account, or your two-factor authentication has failed, you are not alone. Starting early this morning, both Paul and I were not able to login to a few different Microsoft accounts.

For Paul, he cannot access his email and I cannot login to Skype; this issue appears to be widespread as well as there are many on Twitter saying they have the same issue. Others are reporting that they unable to access OneDrive as well.

This type of outage is quite serious as it locks users out of their content and with Microsoft pushing that you should use all of their services to move your life to the cloud, this is the type of outage that tarnishes that message. One user chose to reset their phone this morning and is now unable to restore a backup.

I have pinged Microsoft to see if they have any further information about this issue, as of the timing of this post, their online dashboards are all green; helpful.

[Update] As of about 9:00 A.M ET, services are back online.

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