Microsoft Online Services Hit With Another Outage

Posted on March 21, 2017 by Brad Sams in Microsoft Consumer Services with 17 Comments

Microsoft’s online services are currently experiencing a disruption with everything from Xbox Live to its app store are either offline or are not operating as expected. Checking around on Twitter, many users are reporting issues of logging in or not being able to access their content on services like OneDrive or

The Xbox status dashboard acknowledges that there is a problem with its service and it’s clear that the impact is far greater than just Xbox Live. I am able to login to Outlook and OneDrive but OneDrive tells me that my files are unavailable but Outlook, at this time, is not impacted; others are saying that they are experiencing issues with Outlook.

This is the second such outage in the past few weeks. Previously, Microsoft’s authentication layer was broken which resulted in not allowing anyone to sign into their accounts. But, during that outage, if you were signed in, your experience was not impacted.

This time around, the issue is more profound as users who are already logged in are being impacted. At this time, other than the Xbox Live dashboard, there is no clear indication what other services are offline or disrupted; it’s likely safe to assume that anything involving your MSA account may not operate as expected.

While outages are inevitable for cloud services, two in one month is trend that Microsoft would like to avoid. Obviously, the company needs to make sure these frequent outages do not tarnish its cloud reputation as the company cannot afford to have competitors like Amazon and Google take away from Azure’s growth.

[Update 3:03 PM ET] Microsoft has acknowledged issues with and Onedrive, saying “User Impact: Users may be intermittently unable to sign in to the service” and that “In some cases, after signing in to the service, users are then unable to access their OneDrive content. As the issue is intermittent in nature, users may be able to reload the page or make another attempt successfully.” The company is currently looking into the issue, will update this post as we learn more.

[Update 3:25 PM ET] Microsoft services appear to be back online once again.