Microsoft Is Planning to Shutdown Remix3D

Posted on July 10, 2019 by Brad Sams in Microsoft Consumer Services with 22 Comments

Back when Microsoft announced the Creators Update for Windows 10, the company devoted a significant amount of stage time to Paint 3D and Remix 3D. Today, it has been uncovered that the company is planning to shutdown Remix 3D but the future of Paint 3D remains unknown.

Uncovered by WalkingCat and verified by Rudy Hyun, Microsoft will soon start showing a banner on that warns of its demise. According to the information uncovered, starting on January 10, 2020, all user content on the site will be deleted and if you want to save any of your content, you need to download it now.

This isn’t all that big of a surprise as Paint 3D has never had a widespread following and after Microsoft reversed course to keep including Paint with Windows 10, it became clear that Paint 3D isn’t widely used.

And if Paint 3D isn’t being heavily used, then Remix 3D, the online community Microsoft hoped to establish around 3D assets, never stood a chance of surviving. For now, Paint 3D has not been removed from Windows 10 but if the company does decide to pull it from a future release, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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Comments (22)

22 responses to “Microsoft Is Planning to Shutdown Remix3D”

  1. bart

    The whole '3D business' is as successful as 3D TV's

  2. eric_rasmussen

    This is something my kids love. They have a 3D printer at school and they design and build things. They also have a program that allows you to see the finished product in VR, which they love. They've learned a ton, and my daughter uses Paint3D to texture models we use in Unity.

    It worked well, it was simple enough for kids to pick up, and now they're cancelling it. I guess with the death of UWP, so goes all of the bundled apps in Windows 10.

  3. gregsedwards

    I think part of the problem with 3D content creation is that it's so fundamentally different from building simple 2D graphics. You really can't dumb it down for novice users and expect them to create anything except the most basic cookie cutter shapes. You really need an advanced tool like Maya to build quality models like those showcased by Microsoft on the site. That said, Paint 3D is a great modern app. I hope they keep it around for those of us actually enjoy using it.

  4. glenn8878

    Microsoft made of mess out of the Modern interface that was much applied to all UWP apps. Less useful and harder to use.

  5. remc86007

    This was something that I think could have gotten traction if they marketed it correctly to schools and they weren't quickly losing ground to Chromebooks.

  6. beatnixxx

    This was one of those things that even as it was announced I could see that they'd be cancelling it. With so many of these things, even if it's a concept I might be interested in, given the track record MS has of throwing sh*t at the wall and then cancelling whatever doesn't immediately stick (which is most of it), I don't spend my time or resources on it. If I'm interested I'm better off finding a 3rd party/independent version of that thing that is trying to build something/stick around.

    I treat new announcements from MS like I treat new shows these days, I wait awhile to make sure it's not going to get cancelled just as I have dedicated time and attention to it. Fool me once...

  7. Atoqir

    MS is basically shutting down almost every 'extra' they made in UWP for Windows 10.

    Can't blame them if it doesn't have many users.

  8. Tony Barrett

    Next on the cards will be WMR, because that's dying a slow, painful death too.

  9. IanYates82


    I just got my daughters set up with their first PCs

    Refurbished HP all in ones, big touchscreen, etc.

    I came home from work today and she said she was being asked to make an account in her painting app and waited for me (education! Yay)

    Turns out she had found Paint 3d and was wanting more objects to put in her scenes. That needs you to make a username which auto links to your Microsoft account.

    First time I've seen the Microsoft ad play out in real life. She thought it was great!

    Me of a couple of weeks ago wouldn't have thought much of this.

    Me now.... Ugh. Disappointed to see something that got a kid curious and excited torn down.