Bing Now Lets You Make Your Own Itineraries in Maps

Posted on July 30, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Bing + MSN with 8 Comments

Chances are, you probably don’t use Bing Maps. But if you happen to be a Bing Maps user, there’s a sweet new addition coming to the app. The Bing team today announced a major upgrade to its itineraries feature today.

The feature, available for users in the United States and the United Kingdom, allows users to get pre-made itineraries on Bing Maps for popular travel destinations. To date, you weren’t able to customize these itineraries to your liking and needs, which was quite annoying. That changes today with the ability to now customize these itineraries to your own needs.

Users can now add different attractions and places they want to visit the pre-made itineraries, re-order the different attractions, add or remove days to fit their schedule, and even share their customized itinerary with friends. These itineraries are saved in your Microsoft Account, so you can access them on your phone when you are on the go.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Bing Now Lets You Make Your Own Itineraries in Maps”

  1. RM

    Maybe Microsoft should create the "Maps" app on Android/iOS with downloadable maps. Then this would actually seem useful! I don't know what "These itineraries are saved in your Microsoft Account, so you can access them on your phone when you are on the go." that means without the "Maps" app being available.

  2. ponsaelius

    I am confused here. There is no Bing maps for Android so I can't use it on my mobile device. I could use it, and did use it, on Windowsphone. However, even then it wasn't as accurate as Google Maps. I even assumed that Bing maps would be retired because it was updated so rarely.

    So I go to on my PC and sure enough I get to maps. I do the same thing on Android and I get to Just how I am I supposed to use Bing Maps on mobile?

    Microsoft - please explain how I use Bing Maps on mobile?

  3. petteri

    Are they still tied into HERE for the actual map database? I honestly haven't even looked at either in years on my PC, although I do have the HERE app installed on my Android phone for it's offline maps.

  4. SvenJ

    Once upon a time there was a nice travel/map app called Streets and Trips. It had all this, and more. It allowed you to setup multi-day trips, inputting # hours you wished to drive each day, and at a stretch. It would calculate rest stops and day end locations. Given fuel price, tank size and car mpg, would calculate your trip costs and gas stops. It did work with GPS, but this was when those weren't cheap and hooked to the serial port of your 8lb laptop. There was a pro version called MapPoint which added programming support for delivery routes, sales areas, and such. You could import data sets that people created such as motor home stops. To bad MS has forgotten all the functionality they used to have in S&T.

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