Microsoft Rebrands Bing Rewards, Entices You To Use Edge

Posted on August 17, 2016 by Brad Sams in Bing + MSN with 1 Comment

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If you use Bing as your search engine, you are likely familiar with Bing Rewards, a service from Microsoft that gives you points for using the search engine. These points can be redeemed for gift cards, discounts and other benefits but today, Microsoft is making changes to the service.

chrome_2016-08-17_08-09-30First, they are re-branding the rewards system to Microsoft Rewards and they are also removing the age restrictions too (Bing rewards required the user to be 13 years old). The ways you can earn points is also being expanded significantly with Edge, and shopping at the Windows/Microsoft store, will now earn points.

The interesting change here is that Microsoft is now going to be giving points away for using its Edge browser, the chart on the right (courtesy of @teroalhonen) has the comparison between the new and old programs. While we do not know how many points or how often they will be given away, this could be a lucrative way to sway people to jump from Chrome back to Edge (or stay with Edge and never leave).

Other changes include renaming the tiers from Member, Silver, and Gold to Level 1 and Level 2. Also, points will now be used instead of credits where 1 Bing credit is equal to 10 points. If you have a balance of credits in your Bing reward account it will be converted to points at a 10:1 ratio.

Microsoft will be rolling out this updated rewards system in the next few weeks and unfortunately, this program is still only available to those residents in the United States. You can read the entire announcement, here.

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One response to “Microsoft Rebrands Bing Rewards, Entices You To Use Edge”

  1. karelamella

    I am also an user of bing rewards and daily sign in bing rewards dashboard to check my points. I heard about bing rewards at and started collect them. Now i have 10000 bing rewards and soon i will redeem those.