Microsoft is Updating OneDrive Everywhere

Posted on September 26, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Android, iOS, OneDrive, Windows 10 with 21 Comments

This morning at Ignite, Microsoft announced a sweeping set of updates to OneDrive across several platforms.

It’s a big list of changes, so I’ll just note the biggest ones here.

Files Restore (Web). OneDrive on the web is getting a nice new Files Restore feature for file recovery.

Files On-Demand (Windows 10). The long-awaited Files On-Demand feature for OneDrive for Windows 10 will debut in the Fall Creators Update on October 17. New to the final release is support for icon previews for apps that are not installed.

New UI for OneDrive on the web. The OneDrive web client is getting a much-needed makeover, with new icons and colors. Better still, it’s getting a performance boost as well. Additionally, when you open an Office document on the web, it will open in Edit mode now. And you can open ZIP files and pull out individual files now.

New sharing UI on Windows, Mac, and Web. OneDrive will sport a nice new Share interface on Windows, Mac, and Web. It will be brought to Office 2016, too, in the next few months.

Simple and secure sharing without a Microsoft account. OneDrive will soon support external sharing without requiring a Microsoft account.

Updated mobile clients. OneDrive for Android and iOS is getting a nice UI overhaul as well, with the ability to see what content has been shared with others, who has accessed which content, and more.

Client included with Mac Office. The OneDrive sync client will now be included with Office for Mac.


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Comments (21)

21 responses to “Microsoft is Updating OneDrive Everywhere”

  1. Chris Blair

    Any word on when OneDrive and Windows 10 (File Manager) will support longer path lengths?

  2. Daniel Blois

    What about the ability to choose which folders to sync on OneDrive, like SugarSync, can? This is the one feature keeping me off OneDrive. I don't want to move my documents all inside the OneDrive folder. I want to keep the structure I have and tell OneDrive that I want to sync this folder (or that folder), etc.

    • fbman

      In reply to Daniel_Blois:

      You can change the location of the OneDrive Folder and the name of it. My "OneDrive" folder is the root of a separate harddrive in my system. So everything I save there is synced with one drive.

    • ecumenical

      In reply to Daniel_Blois:

      I understand this isn't what you're asking for, but you can sync folders individually within the OneDrive folder. It was a bit annoying to set up, yes, but I basically just duplicated my file structure within OneDrive once and now can sync each folder at will.

    • Stooks

      In reply to Daniel_Blois:

      I understand wanting the option, but honestly once you switch it does not matter.

      Also the OneDrive client software, on Windows 10 at least, allows you to change your default settings documents/pic's etc to the OneDrive folder equivalents. So when you hit save on a new document or import pictures etc it will automatically go to the OneDriveDocuments folder or whatever.

  3. Lewk

    what about the Windows 10 UWP app??

  4. mrdrwest

    Windows 10 Mobile wasn't...oh, never mind

  5. Patrick3D

    I just wish they would support the '#' symbol in filenames on Onedrive. I regularly go through fixing sync issues with employees that have dozens and in a few cases hundreds of files with just that one symbol in the name. Quote #123, Photo #123, ID #123, etc...

  6. Delmont

    Files On Demand is giving us back the ability to use Placeholders. Been a long time coming.. Especially with so many people that 128GB SSD in their lapotps.

  7. Tom O'Connell

    Any news on being able to purchase more storage. I'm quickly coming up against my 1TB limit. I totally understand not offering truly unlimited, but some reasonable additional paid tiers would be welcome.

    • Daekar

      In reply to Tom_O:

      I'm sitting at around 550GB right now, but that number is climbing all the time. Every time we take a photo, every time I rip a CD. And we take a LOT of photos now...

      This will eventually be a make or break issue for me. We can either use OneDrive as our... well, one drive for everything, or we can't. If we can't, we'll have to find a new solution.

  8. david.thunderbird

    The only upgrade I want is a option to throw it in over the trash can Edge along with Cortana and Bing. :8^P

  9. Thomas Parkison

    I absolutely loved when Microsoft added File History for all files and not just Document files. Adding the ability to restore all of OneDrive to a specific date makes recovering from a possible ransomware issue much easier.

  10. Dan1986ist

    Hopefully the File Restore feature will be like the Recycle Bin in OneDrive in a browser and not count against one' total storage.

  11. GarethB

    Of course, as it's tied to the Fall CU, most Windows 10 users will be the last to see any benefit...

    ...As normal.

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