OneDrive Gets Support for Multiple Instances on iPadOS

Posted on October 4, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in iOS, iPadOS, OneDrive with 10 Comments

With iPadOS/iOS 13, Apple introduced a major new feature for iPads that took apps to the next level. The company introduced a new feature called Multiple Windows that essentially allows users to make multiple instances of an app. So if you are working on a Word document, for example, you’d be able to work on different documents at the same time through the different windows/instances.

It looks like support for Multiple Windows is something app developers have to add on their apps, and Microsoft is adding the functionality to the OneDrive for iPad today. With the latest update for OneDrive on iOS, users on iPadOS/iOS 13 will be able to use the Multiple Windows feature on their iPads. The feature will allow you to open multiple files at once for viewing or editing, according to Microsoft.

The UX for opening Multiple Windows is a bit confusing on iPadOS since this feature has never existed before, so if you want to try it out, here are the number of ways you can open a new window on an app:

  • Drag an app’s Dock icon to the side of the screen to choose one of its current windows or create a new one
  • Drag an object to the side of the screen and drop it onto the system-provided drop target
  • Touch and hold an app icon on the Home screen or the Dock, tap Show All Windows in the context menu that appears, and tap the Add (+) button
  • Touch and hold an object until it reveals a context menu that includes the option to view the object in a new window

You can get the latest update for OneDrive for iOS here.

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