Microsoft Announces New Calendar Features for

Posted on July 19, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in with 11 Comments

Microsoft Announces New Calendar Features for

Microsoft today revealed several new calendar features that are available immediately in

Here’s what’s new.

Microsoft Family calendar. Available under Other Calendars, this calendar will appear automatically if you are using Microsoft Family. It allows you to keep your family up-to-date with a single calendar that everyone in the family can access.

Improved calendar sharing. You can now share your calendar with anyone who has an or Office 365 account. (And, I believe this includes commercial accounts, but I could be wrong.) That can be in “read only” or “edit” mode, too.

Expanded support for events in your email. Like Gmail and Google Calendar, automatically adds some events to your calendar based on your email. Now, the list of things it can add includes dinner reservations, concerts, and other events.

More sports and teams in Interesting calendars. The Interesting calendars feature now supports more languages, teams and sports. And it’s available now in China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain or Brazil, too.

Use Cortana to schedule remote meetings. Sign up for the Preview and you can ask Cortana to schedule phone or conference calls for you.

That’s a pretty decent list of new features out of the blue.


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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Microsoft Announces New Calendar Features for”

  1. Breaker119

    Maybe my family was in some A/B testing, but I've had Family Calendar for a couple of months it seems. It threw a wrench into our calendar practices because I had created a separate account years ago just to have a central calendar to add to...

    • tbtalbot

      In reply to Breaker119:

      I've seen that too, but it didn't seem to really do anything.

    • scumdogmillionaire

      Yeah, I've had it for a couple of months as well. I already had a Family Calendar (that was shared out by me) from the old WP7 Rooms, then created it myself once that was canned. Then this one popped up. Just moved future appointments from old calendar to this new one and its pretty tidy now.

  2. jbuccola

    Years ago, I used MS's "Family Room" feature, which set up a shared calendar and workspace.

    Then they deprecated it but left it there.

    Then they added "Family Calendar" in my list of calendars, alongside "Family Room."

    Because old habits die hard (and countless recurring meetings need to be ported over), it's a confused mess. Just like the OneDrive "Family Room" folder which we were informed isn't supported but is still there as a Shared Folder.

    Same thing with Contacts, which are munged with Skype IDs (nee "Live ID", as they are still tagged), Twitter follows and LinkedIn contacts. But those connections aren't all supported anymore in Contacts; all the old metadata is still there and many of the contacts can't even be deleted, so my Contacts -- once a beautifully consolidated People Hub -- is now a boneyard of broken dreams.

    As a cloud services operator, Microsoft is abysmal at porting users to new platforms and paradigms.

  3. idgilbert

    Did they finally add the long overdue time zone support as well? My wife and I noticed it became available to us last week.

    • bryan1up

      In reply to idgilbert:

      What's that supposed to do?

      • idgilbert

        In reply to bryan1up:

        It makes it easier to set up appointments and events in the calendar for another time zone. My wife has to schedule conference calls with folks in several time zones and it was always a struggle getting it right. Now it easy in the calendar with the time zone drop down but this basic feature was a long time coming.

  4. skst

    Unfortunately, even if one wanted to switch from Google's mail, calendar, contacts triumvirate, it's tedious, error-prone, and unclear. Even adding my Gmail to is worrisome because it's not clear if it will treat my Gmail account as POP3 or IMAP (i.e., will Outlook delete my e-mails from Gmail so that I can't use both during the switch?).

  5. Uncommontater

    Ho hum. I'm still waiting on one feature that Office Outlook has had since 1997: the ability to create recurring events based on non-Gregorian calendars. Until they add that feature I'm staying on Office Outlook.