Outlook’s New Logo Is Now Live on iOS

Posted on March 19, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Outlook.com with 24 Comments

Late last year, Microsoft introduced a new set of logos for the entire Office suite. The company recently started rolling out some of these new icons across all platforms, and users are slowly starting to get the new look for apps like Word and Outlook.

Microsoft today started rolling out the new logo for Outlook to all users on iOS. The company only recently rolled it out to beta testers, so it was a little surprising to see the new logo being already made available to all users.

“We’ve updated our icon to reflect how we bring email and calendar together with carefully crafted experiences that honor our Office heritage and welcome the future,” Microsoft said.

The new logos for most of the Office apps aren’t widely available yet, however. Since there are a bunch of different release channels and platforms for Office apps, the rollout is frankly quite slow and all over the place. I have the new logo for Word on my Mac, for example, but apps like Excel and PowerPoint still have their old logos. It’s all very weird.

Either way, Microsoft is getting there, so hopefully these new logos will start showing up everywhere soon. For now, if you have an iPhone and use Outlook, check for updates to get the new logo right away.

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