Microsoft Is Trialing Outlook Premium For $3.99 Per Month

Posted on April 4, 2016 by Brad Sams in with 0 Comments

Outlook Premium Hero

A few weeks back, it was uncovered that Microsoft was building out a new service for its Outlook email platform called Premium. The service, which gives you five personalized email address, an ad free inbox and improved calendar sharing, is currently only available via an invite.

When this new service was first uncovered, it looked like it was going to be a free add-on for Office 365 subscribers and that may still be the case, but if you are looking to pay for the service as a stand-alone product, Microsoft is testing the $3.99 price point.

According to the landing page, the company will be letting users have the first year of the service for free, before making them pay for the additional features. Seeing as the program is still in the testing phases, the price point may change.

The Outlook Premium service is a new effort from Microsoft to try and monetize their popular email platform with something other than advertisements. It’s unclear when this program will leave the pilot stage or if any new features will be added; the company could scrap the project completely if they get negative feedback too.

If you want to try out Outlook Premium, you can request an invite from Microsoft, here.

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