Microsoft Unveils a Skype (Re)redesign on iOS

Posted on September 28, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Skype, iOS with 13 Comments

Microsoft Unveils a Skype (Re)redesign on iOS

In the face of rampant negative feedback for its new Skype mobile client, Microsoft today unveiled an update on iOS that addresses many concerns.

“[The new Skype] was a big change and we received a lot of great feedback from the Skype community,” Microsoft’s Ellen Kilbourne explains. “We want you to know we’ve been listening. We’re committed to providing you with an amazing experience and appreciate the time you’ve taken to share your thoughts.”

Microsoft unveiled the new Skype back in June, with the first versions shipped on Android and iOS. But the reaction was so negative, that the firm has since stepped back from its plans to bring the new UI to Windows and Mac. And it quickly reached out to the userbase to find out what they can do to make things right.

The changes it is highlighting this week are a preview only, meaning that they are only available tothose in the Skype Insiders Program, and then only on iOS. Assuming this goes well, they will be rolled out more broadly in the future. (If you’re not a Skype Insider, you can sign-up here.)

Anyway, new features in Skype for iOS build (and newer) include:

Navigation bar. The navigation bar is back at the bottom of the screen where God intended it, offering quick access to Chats, Calls, Camera, Highlights, and Contacts.

Badges. Numeric badges are also back so you can see how many missed calls, chats, and highlights you have waiting.

Notifications. The Notification screen is now separate and accessible by the bell icon in the top header on the chats, calls, highlights, and contacts screens.

Profile. Now, you can access your Skype profile by tapping your avatar in the middle of the top header.

Settings. The Settings screen is now available from your Profile screen.

Search. The Search bar at the top has been made smaller so you can see more chats.

Chats. The Chat screen has received a number of updates, including a smaller header, a presence indicator, a redesigned Composer bar, simpler attachments, and a combined emoticon/emoji interface.


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Comments (13)

13 responses to “Microsoft Unveils a Skype (Re)redesign on iOS”

  1. TheJoeFin

    Looks good to me. Now they need to bring it to their UWP and Web clients.

  2. SamERuiz

    The chat screen improvements have been in the Skype Preview on Android for a few weeks now. I never liked swiping to get to the camera. Always happened when I didn't need it.

  3. jimchamplin

    Anything is better than that Escherian nightmare they have now.

  4. chaad_losan

    If an app is updated, and there is no one to download it. Does it scream in pain and anguish?

  5. Username

    > ... and we received a lot of great feedback from the Skype community.

    that's metaphor for terrible response and imperative to rollback to avoid further user base decline.

    I wonder, who at Microsoft thought it was ok to display Discover before my contacts in Contacts section?

  6. PeteB

    "We received a lot of great feedback"

    LMAO. Thats one way to spin it.

  7. Gavin Groom

    Can the 'upcoming webinar' overlay ads be replaced with something a little less obnoxious?

  8. m_p_w_84

    Skype needs to work like WhatsApp if it is ever going to get used. Of all my contacts - no one has Skype - couldn’t call/message them with it if I wanted to

  9. nerdile

    She better charge her phone!

  10. James Wilson

    My 'feedback' for Skype is: Stop messing with my contacts / syncing. Leave them alone. Your syncing / address book integration / SMS integration doesn't work so I see some contacts on one machine, with a different set on another. Let me add contacts to Skype and leave it at that, inside the app. Don't try to be clever.

    With Skype, I want to be able to chat, and voice / video call (to landlines too). That's it! Get that right and maybe - you can add other stuff too - later!

  11. lefffen1

    Switched me and my family to Duo, app launches fast and with no other 'functions' to get in the way of calling it works great for us. Had been using Skype since the beginning.