Skype Preview for iOS is Available to a Limited Audience

Posted on February 17, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Android, iOS, Skype with 6 Comments

Skype Preview for iOS is Available to a Limited Audience

Yesterday, I reported that the first Skype Preview build was available on Android. Well, it’s available on iOS too, but in a far more limited fashion.

As you may recall, Microsoft provides various Insider programs—for Windows, Office, Xbox, and Skype, and probably others—that provide enthusiasts and other interested parties with early access to new software versions. Skype does this through its Skype Insider program, but the way you get early access to various Skype clients varies by platform.

On Windows, for example, you must join the Windows Insider Program to get Skype Preview. That’s because Skype Preview—which will one day simply be called Skype, of course—ships withWindows 10. It’s part of the platform.

On Android, you can simply download Skype Preview from the Google Play Store, as I noted yesterday in Microsoft Issues First Skype Preview Build on Android But you don’t actually need to join Skype Insider. It’s publicly available.

On iOS, things are different yet again: In this case, Skype Preview is available in limited capacity through Apple’s TestFlight program. So Microsoft is asking users to register for Skype Insider for iOS to get access to the build. You do this on the web, at this link.

What this means, of course, is that not everyone will get in, at least not immediately. But you can expect Skype Preview for iOS to open up to more users over time if you don’t get in immediately. (As I did not.)


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